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Your Exit Ticket, and the official Tour Itinerary Document

Good afternoon everyone! I am assigning you an exit ticket for today’s rehearsal (and Shaun will reinforce this later): you MUST complete the tour food forms, because Shaun and I are going to Costco after rehearsal to retrieve all of your requested Little Snacks(TM) for tour! As such, we need all of your responses before then! So, please fill out:
1. Tour food info form
2. Claymont order(wednesday)/Lido Deli order (friday) form
BEFORE you leave rehearsal today!

Also! Please click here to view the (tentative and organically changing) tour itinerary document! All questions about timing, particularly about start times of concerts, can be answered here!

Finally: Shaun has very kindly put together a Spotify Playlist of all of our tour rep! Time to aurally memorize Claviante! jfeiljsdlkafjdslkfjsdhfskjfldskjgasjsfdslfa;sklj

Please let me know if you have any questions leading up to our sure-to-be-spectacular tour!!!

See yah soon!

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