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What today looks like!

Good morning, everyone!

This is it! Our last day of choral Nirvana.

Yesterday got a little frenetic. Today, I’m hoping not so much.

There are three major events today.


We have hired the same engineers that do audio and video recording for Voces 8. The intent is to capture some quasi-live footage to use for promotion of DCS and future projects. I’m not sure what the playlist will be yet, but likely most of our competition set and Lauridsen will be in there.


This was NOT on the original schedule Rachel sent out. Simon the organist can’t be here until after 2:00 pm, so we’ll take a lunch break after the recording session, then come back around 2:30 to run the Britten and Dove with Simon, figure out standing formations for Churcher, and touch up the Mealor. Hoping ALL that can be done in a hour’s time.


That’s an event where people pay money to come here you sing. You’ve probably been to one of these before.

I’m MOST VERY AWARE of vocal fatigue at this stage of the game. But we have much more control over today’s event than we did over that circus that occurred yesterday. Even the recording session is simply intended to capture live footage, as opposed to a grueling stop and start edit session.

Pace yourself, hydrate, and be thankful for one more opportunity to sing with this amazing choir before it we all disband over the next 24 hours.

With such deep appreciation and admiration.



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