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Hello DCS! Each evening (or early morning), you will receive an update from me (Rachel) or Dr. Head with details about the day ahead. The itinerary on the website is still a great place to check! We will be sharing all of the daily updates here for quick, day-to-day access. This will also be a great place to comment with questions if anything is unclear! Please make sure to check your email for these posts; I will also put the link in the WhatsApp. Looking forward to spending the next 20 days writing to you all :)

A few logistical reminders before we really get started!

  1. Going forward, please use the WhatsApp full group chat for messages that pertain only to the full group. We are a lot of people, and that means a lot of messages and notifications! I love how this community has already embraced each other, but we want to make sure that important updates don’t get lost in individual conversations. To help with that, feel free to save everyone’s contact information from the group thread and send individual/group messages; ask a friend if you’re not sure how to do that!
  2. Please send Sarah W your photos! She will upload them into this Google Drive (or you can save her that step and do it yourself!) and then that folder will be shared with you all so we can still see your gorgeous pictures without clogging up everyone’s WhatsApp feed and storage. Maybe YOUR photo can be the featured image on tomorrow’s daily blast!!!
  3. If you muted your WhatsApp notifications today, please turn them back on as we pivot to a more updated-focused model.

Thank you! And now, here’s your daily schedule!


HOSTEL CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE: Everyone must return bed linens (sheets and pillowcases) and towels to the laundry bin on each floor or the lobby. Keep your room key until we are loading the bus; do not give it to the front desk individually.

7:30 am Breakfast opens at the hostel. Note! There is a strong possibility that the hostel will not be fully prepared to take on 45 humans all at the same time tomorrow! If breakfast is a very important meal to you, particularly because we are not eating lunch until 1:00 pm, I suggest venturing out to find your own food. There are two diners right next to the hostel that open at 6:30 am (Mason Diner) and 7:00 am (Pinecrest Diner) for a quick bite. This is San Francisco after all, so a Starbucks or other coffeeshop is easy to find! Just make sure you’re back in time to…

8:15 am Meet in the hostel lobby to load the bus and return keys to Amy and Rachel.

8:30 am BUS LEAVES! DO NOT MISS THE BUS! Travel to Napa Methodist Church.

10:00 am Rehearsal #1

1:00 pm Lunch! On your own in Napa. There are some lovely food trucks if you’re interested in a walk, or I suggest doing a quick Google on the drive to Napa to find something that looks good to you.

2:30 pm Rehearsal #2

5:30 pm Dinner at Napa Methodist Church, provided by DCS. You already ordered this! No brain power needed!

7:30 pm Get picked up by your individual homestay hosts. Get to know your hosts and get some rest!

FINAL REMINDER! The forecast for Napa on July 3 is a high of 103 and a low of 55. Dress accordingly! WATER! WATER! WATER!

That’s all for now! We will discuss pick-up procedures for Thursday at rehearsal, and add it to the next update. See you at 8:15 am in the lobby to return keys and load up the bus after you’ve already returned your linens and towels!


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