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Wait, we leave in less than a month?!

Yeah… this is getting super real.

First of all, I want to say how special it was for me to watch you all rehearse and perform this weekend. What a gift you are to ANY audience who has the privilege of hearing you sing! It’s pretty cool that we get to travel to Napa AND New Zealand to do this all over again.

Speaking of travel, let’s make sure we have everything taken care of.

Please take some time before we leave to review our website ( with password DCS-NZ-2024). I have it bookmarked on my computer and my phone for easy access. I got lots of questions over the weekend that have answers already posted to the website. While I do LOVE answering your questions, sometimes it’s easier to find them here.

A few website pages I’d like to highlight:

Itinerary Page

FAQs & Travel Tips – THIS ONE IS NEW!!! PLEASE READ!!!

Room Assignments – ALSO NEW!

Attire Page – 90% of you had everything you needed. Please make sure you order the new scarf if you haven’t already (not the one from Wales), and/or please make sure you have the bow tie, which is different from the Chorale long tie. Let Rachel or me know if you have any questions about this.

Dr. Head has strongly requested that we bring back the old Chorale French-braided hair look. There was a huge variety in hair styles at the concert, and we want the choir to look as uniform as possible for a cohesive, professional appearance. I know not everyone’s hair can be easily French-braided, so use your best judgement on how to make your hair look cleanly pulled off the face and neck. We can talk more about this in Napa, but I wanted to put this on your radar in case you need to pack any specific hair accessories to achieve this look.

Finally, please send me your fun fact if you haven’t already. Don’t overthink it. Send today, please!

Love to you all!


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