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URGENT! Please read!

Hello again,

Thank you for your recent payments! Please take three seconds to find your name on the list below and verify that we have your group flight option noted correctly. Our final numbers are due to the airline, so this is the last call to make any corrections. We would hate for you to be left behind in Newark, NJ, singing a solo of grief, for alas, your plane ticket was never purchased.

To clarify, if you are listed as “no flight,” that means that you have indicated that you are booking your own flight and are not included in the group flight booking.

If everything is correct, go about your day! If there is an error, PLEASE email me immediately so we can have it corrected. Thanks!

Amy Anderson

Baker, BridgettNo Flight
Bernstein, AlyssaNo Flight
Besch, JayNo Flight
Bischoff, NathanNo Flight
Blaier, ElyseNo Flight
Clark, RachelNo Flight
Correll, ChaseNo Flight
Gibson, LeiaNo Flight
Good, AdamNo Flight
Greenberg, AbigailNo Flight
Grossmann, JuliaNo Flight
Hagler, JodyNo Flight
Harley-Emerson, Arreon No Flight
Hughes, SarahNo Flight
Johnson, LaurenNo Flight
Klimek, ThomasNo Flight
Maloney, TomNo Flight
O’Connor, TaraNo Flight
Pearsall, AimeeNo Flight
Pelletier, MarlonNo Flight
Quay, KathrynNo Flight
Taylor, PollyNo Flight
Titus, ArdenNo Flight
Wojcik, SarahNo Flight
Abraham, AustinGroup Flight
Barton, MakynzieGroup Flight
Boody, RyanGroup Flight
Castro, GabeGroup Flight
Denler, EmilyGroup Flight
DeShields, LeonGroup Flight
Enoch, DanGroup Flight
Epting, JeremiahGroup Flight
Fabiano, JennaGroup Flight
Forney, RossGroup Flight
Fresalone, OwenGroup Flight
Geckle, LoriGroup Flight
Gibbons, ShaunGroup Flight
Gomez-Colon, NicholasGroup Flight
Gonczi, BenGroup Flight
Gover, DanielleGroup Flight
Granite, JackGroup Flight
Hahn, GennaGroup Flight
Head, CarolGroup Flight
Kachianos, SofiaGroup Flight
Keller, BriGroup Flight
Kuchler, TomGroup Flight
Lambros, JasonGroup Flight
Lipkin, ZoeGroup Flight
Liu, EricGroup Flight
Loughlin, BriGroup Flight
Maggio, AndrewGroup Flight
Maggio, JulianneGroup Flight
Malcolm, GioGroup Flight
Mummert, KaitlynGroup Flight
O’Farrell, LucasGroup Flight
Reilly, TriciaGroup Flight
Romano, KevinGroup Flight
Scatena, SarahGroup Flight
Schwartz, KeithGroup Flight
Shapiro, RachelGroup Flight
Waggner, ThomasGroup Flight
Walker, ColeGroup Flight
Wetzel, PhilipGroup Flight
Williams, LukeGroup Flight
Woodring, MeganGroup Flight

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