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Update: Today’s (and this week’s) unique rehearsal(s)!!

Hi all! I hope you are well-rested and recovered from this past week of tiresome wonderfulness! I know that the common sentiment regarding last week is that everyone had an AWESOME time, and are now EXHAUSTED. Both can be true! We recognize this, and hope that we can use our time efficiently today as to give you all a bit of a rest.

Because Dr. Head is traveling to Jakarta this week, we have designated this week’s Chorale rehearsals to beginning the process of learning the Credo that we will be performing on Leon’s Masters recital next semester! Dr. Head has also granted Shaun permission to work with chorale this week as to get sufficient footage for graduate school prescreens. As such, here is how rehearsal will go today:

4:40PM : Downbeat
4:40PM – 5:40/6:00PM : Work with Leon on the Credo
5:40/6:00PM – 6:00/6:20PM : Work with Shaun for 20 minutes

There is some wiggle room in there, just based on how our work on the Credo goes, but all of this to say, we anticipate ending rehearsal today 20-40 minutes early, as to give you some extra time to rest and recover from this past week.

For those of you who use e-readers, the Credo is currently residing in the Chorale Repertoire Folder. If you use physical copies, I will have a Credo for you at the start of rehearsal.

Hooray Chorale! Let’s make tonight efficient, so that we can have a little extra down time in our lives!

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