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Update: This is a Callout Post (and Dorn practice tracks)

Hi Chorale! Happy Wednesday! Excited to experience more choral excellence with you imminently.

Ok, enough with the sugar-coating: THIS IS A CALLOUT POST. If your name is listed here, you have not yet filled out the Fall 2023 Master Tour Form. As such, you now wear a metaphorical cone of shame:

Amenah Ghani; Ary Herasme; Chase Correll; Cole Walker; Dario Cinaglia; Elijah Robertson; Erdong Chen; Jenna Fabiano; Jeremiah Epting; Jonathan Leest; Kevin Romano; Leon DeShields; Liam Wheeler; Noah Mummert; Owen Fresolone; Riley Bell; Ryan Boody; Sarah Scatena; Xander Costas.\

Of course, I am being silly. BUT! Please fill out this form, ASAP! It will make my life much easier. Much love.

SECONDLY: Jay Besch has provided us with many helpful resources for learning the Dorn commission for our Bent but Not Broken performance! See his description of each below:

1) Part Track Road Map: To make the part tracks more usable I’ve edited out some of the longer instrumental sections and added voice-over ‘mile markers’ to help keep everyone on track. the PDF roadmap outlines edits. 

2) Part Dominant Tracks with cuts for each part: These include the abovementioned cuts. 

3) Full Choir Dominant Track with cuts

4) Full Choir Dominant Track Parts with NO cuts. Includes the full length of the piece with choir dominant, no cuts made. 

5) Updated Piano/Vocal Score. This is the latest revision which includes all final edits and adjustments from Henry Dorn. 

You will find all of these resources within the Chorale Repertoire Google Folder, in a folder titled “Dorn_Transcendence”.

IMPORTANT: there is a new version of the Dorn that has been downloaded to this folder. It should fill in all of the text that is currently missing from your measures, and is spaced differently. There are, however, NO differences in musical content, or measure numbers. Only page numbers are different. As such, the page numbers in Jay’s road map are only to be referenced if you have downloaded the NEW version of the piece. You should be able to follow along via the measure numbers.

FOR TONIGHT’S INTENTS AND PURPOSES: We will all use the original version. I will get version 2 in your hands next week! If you would like to write in the missing text in your current versions from measure 447-455, please refer to the featured image of this post; the section is bracketed by highlight.

That’s all folks! See yah soon! <3

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