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Update: Same as Monday!

Hi Chorale,

Happy Wednesday! Hoping that we all feel a bit more centered and well-rested after last week. Today, we will be continuing to work on the Credo for Leon’s recital; first in sectionals, and then as a whole choir.

Afterwards, Shaun WILL be using about 20 minutes to record himself rehearsing us through some of our tour repertoire. This will be his mock rehearsal; those of you who agreed to stay after class on Monday of next week to help Shaun out, please still expect to do that! Monday will be his true run of everything.

You can still definitely expect to get out of chorale approximately 20 minutes early, if all goes according to plan. HOORAY! The more focused and efficient we are, the more likely this is to be reality.

To facilitate your learning of the Credo, please find Leon’s preferred recording of the piece at this youtube link.

Thanks all. See you soon!

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