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Update: PLEASE READ! Important for tomorrow!

Hi all! What a beautiful time we’ve had so far on our tour. It’s hard to believe we’re already embarking on our last leg of it.

Speaking of, we will NOT be returning to the hotel again after we depart from it tomorrow at 8:30AM! As such, please ensure that all of your belongings are packed up and ready to roll tomorrow morning, so that you can just get up, bring everything, have breakfast, and get on the road. Leave nothing behind!

Additionally, because we will not be returning, I will need you all to return your room keys to me tomorrow morning with plenty of time for me to ensure I’ve received them all, and check us out of all of our rooms. That means, a last minute wake-up is not going to cut it! ;^) Please be proactive as to make my life as easy as possible in that regard. Much love<3

After you’ve given your room keys to me and eaten, you should get on the bus at or before 8:15AM! We are hoping to depart the hotel at 8:30AM on the dot, and arrive at Farmingdale High School at 9:00AM. Woo!

Individuals participating in home stays: please plan to arrive at Farmingdale High School by 8:50AM by whatever means necessary! Thanks for your cooperation and your great listening as I’ve tried to keep my ducks in a row these past few days.

You are all brilliant! (or should I say, brillioso?!) See you all tomorrow.

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