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Update: New piece to download, and Tour Rooming List Release!

Hi all, happy Wednesday! In your packets/Google Repertoire Folder for today is a new piece, “Take Me Home” by the Pentatonix! We will be familiarizing ourselves with this just so that we might join Rachel Shapiro’s students in singing it on tour.

By now, you should have downloaded these additional pieces (other than those on the actual tour program):

  1. Transcendence – Dorn (VERSION 2!!!)
  2. “Danny Boy” – Flummerfelt
  3. “City Called Heaven” arr. Poelnitz
  4. “Take Me Home” – The Pentatonix

All of these can be found in that same google folder! Please ensure that you have all of these; if you’re a paper copy person, I have new Transcendences (VERSION 2!!!) and Pentatonixes (lol) for you tonight! Please reach out to me ASAP if you continue to have trouble accessing it, but either way you should still be able to by going through the Chorale intranet on the DCS website.

Additionally, thank you for putting up with all of my various google forms! You all are troopers. I just wanted to make sure that I could guarantee that everyone had a preferable, comfy lodging situation on the nights that they needed to! Without further ado, here is the rooming list:

Room 1Room 2Room 3Room 4Room 5Room 6Room 7Room 8Room 9Room 10Room 11
Ben GoncziErdong ChenAnthony AdamoCole WalkerChase CorrellMax NiedziejkoBri KellerJulia GrossmannBri LoughlinAry HerasmeAlyssa WronskiEvelyn HustaAmenah GhaniKelly IrwinOwen FresoloneLiam WheelerKayla KirchenbergRebecca PimbleShaun GibbonsDario CinagliaSarah ScatenaJenna Fabiano
Leon DeShieldsThomas WaggnerRyan BoodyRiley BellWill SchwantesXander CostasAbby MurrayLeia GibsonZoey LipkinElyse BlaierAshley AttiehTori BresslerAlondra GonzalezMeaghan WalshElijah RobertsonJeremiah EptingNoah MummertKevin RomanoNoah FarnsworthSofia Kachianos

If anyone has any DIRE changes they would like to request, please come see me privately after rehearsal.

Tonight, Shaun will be sending out a form that you should fill out ASAP which will give us a picture of what you’d prefer to eat when we cover your meal (i.e. Lido Deli, some late-night pizza). Dr. Head will explain more tonight, but please be on the lookout!

From Dr. Head: “Love, peace, and joy!”

See you then!

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