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Update: Music Return business, Looking Ahead, and an Opportunity to sing with Resound!

Hello Chorale! I hope you all had the happiest of Thanksgivings! <3

As our well-needed break comes to an end, it is time that we begin to think about all of the things going into next week, and going into next semester!

Music Return

First thing’s first–on Monday, we need to VERY swiftly and VERY briefly tie up all of our loose ends in regards to music return. I appreciate all of you following my system last week! There are just a few straggler octavos that I’m missing. Below is a list of individuals, and the piece(s) that I am still missing from them:

Dario: Danny Boy (Flummerfelt)
Erdong: Still, Still, Still (Luboff)
Liam: Still, Still, Still (Luboff); Lux Aurumque (Whitacre)
Noah Farnsworth: Infinity (Arnesen)
Owen: O Sacrum (Arnesen)
Riley: Infinity (Arnesen)
Sofia: Still, Still, Still (Luboff); Ave Maria (Busto)
Xander: Lux Aurumque (Whitacre)

If you are listed above, please take the weekend to find this music so that you may place it in your yellow folders before the beginning of Monday’s rehearsal!

Sarah Scatena and Will Schwantes were absent when I collected music; for the both of you, please be prepared to return all of the music in your binders that are NOT included in our Carols by Candlelight program order, listed below. I’ve bolded ones you may want to give an extra glance over before Monday, wink wink nudge nudge:

Dove: Seek Him
Parker/Shaw: O Come Emmanuel
Trotta: Veni, Veni Emmanuel
Mendelssohn: There Shall a Star
Runestad: Alleluia
Van: Child of Peace
Dove: Gloria
Kverno: Corpus Christi Carol
Simeone: Masters in this Hall
Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium
Parker/Shaw: Angels We Have Heard on High
Young: There is No Rose
Paulus: Ding Dong Merrily on High
Wilberg: Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine
Kirchner: Lo, How a Rose ‘er Blooming
Hayes: Variations on Jingle Bells
Rutter: Candlelight Carol

If you currently possess a piece of music that is NOT on this list, i.e. Whence is that goodly fragrance flowing (yellow and orange octavo), PLEASE prepare to return those to your yellow folders this coming Monday! Even if you are not listed above, I would request you give a quick scan over your pile of music to make extra sure you’ve returned everything expected of you. Your efforts to make my life easier are much appreciated! ;^)
Exceptions to this request include: Transcendence (marked V2; we will be performing this at CBDNA in Februrary 2024); Flight Song (we will be performing this on 12/2/23 at Choralfest); Credo (we will obviously be performing this in Leon’s recital in the spring). You should KEEP all three of these!

Speaking of Flight Song: I was silly and collected many of your copies of flight song. Please be prepared to find your yellow folder and collect that piece on Monday! Some of you also returned your Transcendence copies, so be prepared to collect that as well before rehearsal begins.

That about sorts everything RE: Music! Deep breaths people. Onto our next order of business:

Looking forward: Next NEXT week, Spring ’24

In regards to the week AFTER Carols by Candlelight: after talking with Dr. Head, we have decided to CANCEL the last two Chorale rehearsals of this semester. That is, Chorale is NOT in session on Monday, 12/4, or Wednesday, 12/6. Dr. Head will explain details as to why later. We will be dedicating extra rehearsal time to the Credo in the Spring, alongside some refreshers of Transcendence, as CBDNA (2/23/24-2/24/24) and Leon’s recital (3/16/24) are Chorale’s two first big engagements of the Spring semester.

Singers Needed!!

Finally, before I bid you adieu; our very own Leia Gibson reached out to me the other day regarding a Resound concert that is IN NEED OF VOICES! Resound Gospel Choir is having their holiday performance on Tuesday, 12/5, at First Presbyterian Church of Newark. In order to join the fun, you would need to be available for:

  • A dress rehearsal on THIS COMING SUNDAY, 11/26, from 3:30PM-5:30PM in AED118
  • The concert on 12/5, 6-8PM

From Leia/Arreon: “It’s a setlist of (easy to learn) Gospel Christmas Pieces as well as songs from our fall concert. Please join us if you’re free for this fun holiday concert, the more the merrier! Let’s show the community how amazing our UD choir family truly is!

To confirm that you would like to participate, please email Jules Bullis ( and name your voice part. Hooray!!

Thanks Chorale!

I am grateful for each and every one of you, as are Dr. Head and Lori! As a little treat for making it to the end of this update, please find all of these TOUR PHOTOS! Courtesy of Spencer Sacrey and whoever wielded his camera, AND Sophia Kachianos’ family. Hooray!

Spencer Photos

Sophia Photos

Tour post coming soon to the DCS instagram. Social Media makes me anxious and I’m trying my best <3

Ok bye! See you Monday! .25

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