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Update: Action(s) Required! The Big Fall Tour Blurb

Hi Chorale! I know what you’re thinking: three blurbs in one day?!?! ARrgh!!1!!! You’ll be happy to hear, though, that this is the BIG blurb regarding all things Fall Tour, which is imminently approaching!

Firstly, please click here to see our (tentative, albeit mostly confirmed) itinerary for tour! We’re stopping at wide variety of places, many of which may be vaguely, or even incredibly familiar to some of us! Also notably, a really yummy deli owned by a chorale alum?! Truly, only wonders await us.

Secondly, and MUCH more importantly, PLEASE fill out this Master Fall Tour Form by THIS COMING FRIDAY, 10/13/23 (spooky!) at the latest. Although I will be a bit preoccupied with listening to the new Boygenius EP on repeat, I will try my best to make the time to review all of your responses. πŸ˜‰ This form addresses dietary restrictions and preferences, lodging inquiries (everyone has a room in the hotel to stay in, but Dr. Head knows that some people might ask to stay with family or friends in Long Island), roommate preferences, and info collection regarding the classes outside of Amy that you will be missing during the three days of tour.

It is IMPERATIVE that you fill this form out by this Friday, as the hotel we booked requires us to provide a rooming list by next week. No rooming list, no rooms!

That’s all on this front, for now. Thanks a bunch!

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