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UK/Wales 2023: All the details!

Here’s all of the relevant information about the UK/Wales trip, including dates, funding, and package inclusions. Please read this page thoroughly before applying!

  • Rehearsal Weekends have been set: (Times TBA)
    • March 18 and 19, 2023
    • May 20 and 21, 2023
  • Group Air bookings have been confirmed, departing at 9:00 pm on Sunday, July 2. Returning mid-evening on Friday, July 14
  • Here’s the rough sketch of the itinerary:
    • Jul 3-5: Intensive rehearsal in charming village of Streatly on Thames
    • July 6: Tentative pop-up concert at Coventry Cathedral
    • July 6-8: Llagollen (Wales) CHOIR OF THE WORLD competition
    • Overnight bus trip to Hythe after we win the contest. 
    • July 9: Small select group performs Byrd Mass in morning service in Hythe, St Leonard Church (Amazing space)
    • July 10- 13: Choir in residence at JAM on the Marsh festival – including a tribute to Morten Lauridsen for his 80th birthday as coordinated by Paul Mealor.
    • Possible pop-up concert at Canterbury Cathedral
    • Possible collaboration with Swingle Singers
  • DELUXE PACKAGE: $3599.00 pp dbl occupancy
    • This includes RT airfare with the group, 4-star (Beautiful!) hotels, all ground transportation about 1/3 of the meals during the trip.
  • BUDGET PACKAGE: $2949.00 pp dbl occupancy
    • Same as above, but staying in a youth hostel in Streatly, and budget hotels or Airbnb (we arrange)  in Hythe.
  • BARE BONES: $1649.00 pp dbl occupancy 
    • YOU BUY YOUR OWN PLANE TICKET AND MEET US THERE!! Budget accommodations in youth hostels, budget hotels or AirBNBs as delineated above.
  • There WILL be financial aid available, but the amount of financial aid is contingent upon the application pool and other varying factors.
  • Applications are open from February 12th to February 26th at 11:59 PM EST
    • Complete an extensive Google form that will include your travel preferences, (Deluxe, budget, etc)  and updated passport information if your passport is current. (The competition people want that information ASAP!!! )
    • Submit a YouTube audition clip
    • Confirm your availability for the rehearsal dates, as that may come into the final consideration for participation.
    • Applicants will be notified of acceptance by Monday, March 6th.
    • You will have until Monday, March 13th to confirm your involvement in the program by making a non-refundable deposit: $500 for the DELUXE PACKAGE; $300 for the BUDGET OR BARE BONES PACKAGE.*
      • *If you choose the DELUXE accommodations, but wish to book your own flights, we can work that out as well, but the deposit will still be $500.
    • The remainder of your trip will be paid in two equal installments: One on April 15th, one on May 31

Ready to audition?

The audition piece for this project is “Against Jealousy,” by Irving Fine.

  1. Prepare ONE PART for your audition.
  2. All applicants should learn and record the soli section on pp 4-7
  3. If you’re interested in the soprano solo at the end, you should submit that as well. (This will be our opener at Llangollen!)
  4. In addition to the recorded excerpt, please complete the following as well:
    1. Sing, My Country Tis of Thee in your most full voice, Bel Canto style
    2. Sing, My Country Tis of Thee in your most pristine, delicate style – as if performing a Renaissance mass
    3. Basses should start on D3, Tenors should start on A3, Altos should start on D4, Sopranos should start on C5
  5. Be sure to state your full name at the beginning of the recording and what part you’re auditioning for
  6. There are markings in the score from the last time we sang this. Please be musical and attentive to detail
  7. You can paste the UNLISTED YouTube link into the application form when you submit. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IT ATTACHED TO A SEPARATE EMAIL. I WILL LOSE IT! Better to resubmit your application than risk that.