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UD SCHOLA CANTORUM: News and Rehearsal Plan – 19 Sept. 2023

Hello Schola folks!

Great start last week. Fabulous to see so many new faces. It’s NEVER too late to bring a new singing friend to Schola, btw!

Just to recap, we have three major performance events this fall:

  • Sunday, October 22 @ First Presbyterian Church of Newark (See program below)
  • Saturday, November 4 on campus @ Mitchell Hall (as part of Bent But not Broken)
  • Friday, December 1 @ Grace Church Wilmington featuring all the works scored for chamber orchestra. (Lavoy, Gjeilo, Hudson, etc.)

Here’s the anticipated playlist for the October 22 concert, and similarly, our rehearsal plan for tonight, simply to see if we can make it through all these pieces in a two-hour rehearsal. (You can put your music in this order for tonight’s rehearsal)

  • Splendor (Elaine Hagenberg)
  • The Dream (Dan Forrest)
  • The Bridge – from Dreamweaver (Ola Gjeilo)
  • In the Forrest and Transience – from The Dreams That Remain (Thomas Lavoy)
  • To Sit and Dream (Rosephanye Powell)
  • Blow the Trumpet – from Quiet Revolution (Rosephanye Powell)
  • Seeking Light (Brandon Williams)
  • In Times of Silver Rain (Rollo Dilworth)


Amy will talk a about the revised uniform plan during rehearsal tonight, but in the meantime, you can go to the new page on the website that outlines your options. We’re going for a new look this year in all the choirs and this should go nicely with that. And remember, if the implied costs causes financial hardship, we trust you will let us know.

If you GOTTA miss a rehearsal… please tell us!

We also have a new and improved attendance form that list specific dates for every rehearsal or engagement until the end of the semester. Please make sure you’re accessing the one linked from this page as the old attendance forms floating around on the internet will simply launch your message into cyberspace, never to be seen again by man nor beast. Again. you can access this form (and all the other resources) most easily from the resource page at

Can you house a homeless singer this weekend?

We have a choir traveling to the World Choir Games in New Zealand next summer and this weekend is their first rehearsal here on campus. In addition to current students and recent alumni, we have singers who auditioned in from all over the United States, including several from the west coast – but we’d like to minimize their costs by providing homestays if at all possible.

In most cases, they will arrive on Friday afternoon and depart on Sunday morning. They’re in rehearsal Friday night, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday, but we can manage the transportation if you can offer a place for them to sleep.

Please email Amy ( if you think you can help. Or talk to one of us tonight. Nobody wants to see singers sleeping under a train bridge.

Looking forward to a fast-paced and productive rehearsal tonight. See you soon.


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