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UD SCHOLA CANTORUM: News and Rehearsal Plan – 17 October 2023

A Glance at the coming weeks:

  • Regular rehearsals from 7:30 – 9:30 pm every Tuesday
  • SUNDAY, OCT 22: Dress Rehearsal Call Time @ 1:00 pm – First Presbyterian Church of Newark
  • SUNDAY, OCT 22: Concert @ 3:00 pm – First Presbyterian Church of Newark
  • THURSDAY, NOV 2: Rehearsal with Rollo Dilworth 5:00 – 7:30 pm – Mitchell Hall
  • SATURDAY, NOV 4: Rehearsal @ 1:45 pm – Mitchell Hall
  • SATURDAY, NOV 4: Concert at 3:15 pm – Mitchell Hall


Just click the link below and share it to your page. It’s a big church. We want lots of fans.


Schola Cantorum: Dreamweaver

Splendor (2022)                                                                               Elaine Hagenberg (b. 1979)

The Dream (2023)                                                                                     Dan Forrest (b. 1978)

from The Dream

The Bridge (2017)                                                                                        Ola Gjeilo (b. 1978)

from Dreamweaver

The Dreams that Remain (2018)                                                    Thomas LaVoy (b. 1990)

II. In the Forest

III. Transience

To Sit and Dream (2010)                                                           Rosephanye Powell (b. 1962)

Blow the Trumpet (2023)                                                          Rosephanye Powell (b. 1962)

from Quiet Revolutionary

Seeking Light  (2020)                                                                                      Brandon Williams

Combined Choirs

In Times of Silver Rain (2013)                                                        Rollo Dilworth (b. 1970)

We Need You Now More Than Ever…

…But if you absolutely must miss, please don’t forget to submit and attendance form.

For Tonight…

Tonight’s rehearsal is in three parts:

I. We’ll do a bit or woodshedding on Lavoy, Blow the Trumpet, and the second half of Gjeilo, then

II. Arreon will come in to rehearse Silver Rain to help us find our groove, then

III. I hope to run the entire program in order as listed above.

That’s quite a lot. Wear your safety helmet. 😃

See you tonight!


2 thoughts on “UD SCHOLA CANTORUM: News and Rehearsal Plan – 17 October 2023”

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Thank you SO very much for your well wishes. We passed a card around for you and I have yet to get it to you, but will do so. You have been such an integral part of this ensemble for so long. We will miss you on stage, but know you’ll be singing from the seats. …pdh

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