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UD CHORALE: Picnic and Part-Testing

Part-testing or Sectionals? You dedide!

First of all – BRAVO on a huge leap forward in rehearsal yesterday! Sopranos… whatever you did in your sectional, keep doing it. Amazing step forward from the last time.

I was GOING to required YouTube part-testing this week, but given the progress made yesterday, I will forego that, ON THE PREMISE THAT….

You conquer the remaining pitchy spots in the Sanctus, AND — you work out Faire is the Heaven at least well enough so we can read it on Monday. In many ways, it’s the most difficult piece in our folder. If either doesn’t fly in rehearsal on Monday you can bet on that being the part test NEXT week.

Don’t care how you accomplish that. Sectionals. Working out by your self. Studying with the recording. (Voces8 is amazing!) But there’s no way we’re going to teach that puppy by rote.

Also on the short list for next week is Claviante and Lavoy No.2. Remember: Every five minutes YOU spend in a sectional or in the practice room, you’re likely saving us a half-hour of rehearsal! Make good use of YOUR time.


Ben and I will go shopping for burgers, drinks, and all that stuff tomorrow around noon, (Anyone want to join us?) but I have to be back on campus for a faculty meeting at 3:00 then race home to set things up for y’all. I’m looking for 4 or 5 volunteers that can come early (around 4:30) to help with set-up. You will be rewarded with bonus love from Charley the Dog.

If you can help with this, please comment below.

BTW… our address is 102 Lewisville Road, Lincoln University, PA 19352. 20-25 minute drive from campus. (About 15 minutes once you pass the Food Lion near Clayton Hall) Make sure you put in the zip code so you don’t end up on the wrong Lewisville road.

See you tomorrow.


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