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Hi Chorale members, both old and new! This is your moderately fearless grad assistant (Ben Gonczi,, reporting for duty!!! There is a whole bunch of important info packed into this update, so please read this in its entirety.

To the individuals who have been invited into chorale for the Spring ’24 semester, many many kudos are due to you all! We are all so excited for you to join us. To those of you who have been asking: YES, Chorale WILL meet for rehearsal today, Monday, 2/5/24, at the normal time and place: 4:40PM in Amy E. Dupont room 118.

Below is the new roster for chorale for this semester, along with everyone’s associated number. Please pay attention to what your number is, whether you are new, or are returning; some numbers have changed due to the shifting of names alphabetically. New members have been marked with a “^”. Welcome!

1Dr. Head (lol)
2Abby Murray
3Alondra Gonzalez
4Alyssa Wronski
5Amenah Ghani
6Anthony Adamo
7Ash Attieh
8Autumn Capes^
9Ben Gonczi
10Bri Keller (SM)
11Bri Loughlin
12Carter Steffen^
13Chase Correll
14Dario Cinaglia (SM)
15Elijah Robertson (SM)
16Elyse Blaier
17Emily Bachl^
18Emmie McBride^
19Erdong Chen (SM)
20Evelyn Husta
21Gage Walker^
22Georgia Canty^
23Jeremiah Epting (SM)
24Jonathan Leest (SM?)
25Jordan Viszoki^
26Kayla Kirchenberg
27Kelly Irwin
28Leia Gibson
29Leon DeShields
30Maddy Testa^
31Max Niedziejko
32Meaghan Walsh
33Noah Farnsworth (SM)
34Noah Mummert
35Owen Fresolone
36Previn Langham^
37Rebecca Pimble
38Riley Bell (SM)
39Ryan Boody
40Ryan van Hilst^
41Sarah Scatena (SM)
42Scott Andrews^
43Shaun Gibbons
44Sofia Kachianos (SM)
45Spencer Sacrey
46Thomas Waggner
47Tori Bressler
48Will Schwantes (SM)
49Xander Costas (SM)
50Zoe Lipkin (SM)
Chorale Roster Spring ’24

If you have an “(SM)” next to your name, that means that you are currently indicated as someone who needs paper sheet music (as opposed to having their scores downloaded onto their favorite e-reader). If this status has changed in any way, whether you are a returning member who received an IPad for Christmas and never wants to touch paper ever again, or a new member who would like to use paper scores, please reach out to me ASAP at so that I may have all the information I need to make our upcoming rehearsals run smoothly. If your number has changed and you are planning on keeping your music, please take it upon yourself to erase the old number on the scores in your possession (this would be the Dorn “Transcendence,” Bonds’ Credo), and replace it with your new one. Thanks in advance for that one!

As many of you know, it is important to keep track of your number for 2 reasons:

  1. So that I can keep track of music as efficiently and effectively as possible
  2. So that, when we are traveling as an ensemble, role call can occur smoothly and thoroughly!

As such, please be sure to know your new number as we enter into this new semester. πŸ™‚

Speaking of traveling as an ensemble, let it be known that our first engagement of the semester is our trip up to Ithaca, NY, in which we will once again be performing the Henry Dorn work, “Transcendence,” with Wind Ensemble at CBDNA (a national band conference)! This trip will begin at the bus call time of 11:30AM on Friday, 2/23/24, and we will return in the late evening on 2/24/24. In the spirit of proactivity, please fill out this form, in which you can let us know about all of the professors that we should contact in order to excuse you from classes you might miss on that Friday afternoon. Please do this as soon as possible! Hooray!

Here is a comprehensive list of all of Chorale’s mandatory engagements for the semester:

  • CBDNA: 11:30AM on 2/23/24 – ~11:30PM on 2/24/24
  • Dress Rehearsal for Leon’s Graduate Conducting Recital: 3/15/24, 6:00PM
  • Leon’s Graduate Conducting Recital: 3/16/24, calltime 5:00PM
  • Chorale Spring Concert: 4/27/24, calltime TBD

Please put these in your calendars now! Hooray!

As for our first rehearsal back: We will be focusing most heavily on Leon’s recital piece, Margaret Bonds’ Credo. We will also take a look at the Dorn to refresh ourselves, and will most likely take a chunk of time to preview the entire semester’s fount of repertoire. Exciting stuff awaits us y’all! In anticipation for this, please download all of the scores from this folder. It will be updated throughout the day today, so please check it a few times to ensure you have as many scores as you can grab! This will serve as the repertoire google folder for the entire semester, so you will most likely be coming back to this link several times.

Thank you so much for reading this all the way to the end–you have my gratitude! I’m so excited for us to start making music together again on Monday! Please direct any questions to :^)

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