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Good morning my lovely singing friends!

Today is a YELLOW Day.

No alcohol at lunch, please. And be moderate in the evening.

I’ve adjusted the schedule today with the intent of accomplishing two specific goals.

  1. Get us out of the room before the heat hits its absolute high and we hit our absolute low, and
  2. Create an opportunity for a series of full runs COMPLETELY OFF BOOK! (That is, all sets completely memorized by for the afternoon session.) Perhaps you’d like to have memorization cram sessions over lunch today.

Please read my rehearsal notes in the schedule so you are cognizant of why we’re doing what we’re doing!

Here’s the adjusted schedule:

8:23 am: Stretching with Esther

8:30 am to 10:25 am: Morning Rehearsal I

10:35 am to 12:30 pm: Morning Rehearsal II


2:00 pm to 3:30 pm: RUN THE SETS

3:30 pm: Today’s business and announcements.

Morning rehearsals will be triage on pieces that need it the most after yesterday’s rehearsal

8:23 am: Stretching with Esther

8:30 am: Warm-ups

8:37 am: I’ve Been in the Storm – woodshed and memorize

8:49 am: Jericho – learn the damn piece! I mean… what Hogan actually wrote!

9:05 am: Schütz – It’s so close, but we HAVE to get off book! Birthday divisions confirmed!

9:25 am: Vasks – Page 10 and 11 are still a mess. And you need to memorize the sequence of events. (Please study the text and copy it into your score from the front page.)

9:45 am: Rautavaara – So close yesterday! Run it for memorization and text phrasing!

9:57 am: Mealor – Those pesky meter changes! (Was that really necessary, Paul Mealor?) And dynamics are EVERYTHING in the piece. We are sort of acknowledging those. 🫣)

10:15 am: Leonardo – Last section with alternate percussion people. (We always have to keep options open.)

10:25 am: BREAK

10:35 am: Rütti – Same drill as yesterday for balance @ m. 45 and ALSO @ m. 83. (Sorry. Sometimes, some of you are more important that others! Just the way it is.)

10:50 am: Brahms – Once everyone is off book, this is going to be stunning. Temporal agility is the key. Mainly running it to get you one step closer to that.

11:00 am: Kreek – Same thing here. AND… staying in the core of the voice.

11:10 am: Hudson: – Run for memorization – but hold your scores so you can take clear note of dynamics and articulations. John is VERY specific

11:20 am: Lavoy: – OFF BOOK, PLEASE!

11:28 am: Tuttarana: – Here again, those pesky meter changes. And staying ON the gritty part of the voice.

11:42 am: We Shall Walk – New balance with soli groups is excellent. We just have to get the opening and closing IN TUNE!!

11:59 am: I Believe – This sounded great yesterday. Gotta memorize

12:12 pm: My God is a Rock – NOT in the competition set, but in the exhibition concert, and therefore, MEMORIZED!

12:23 pm: Runestad – Dedicated to Mr. Earl. (Don’t forget the ovation when he arrives. 😍)

12:30 pm: LUNCH

AFTERNOON SET RUNS in competition order:

2:00 pm: MIXED CHOIR

  • Rautavaara
  • Brahms
  • Mealor
  • Leonardo

2:25 pm: Musica Sacra

  • Schütz
  • Bruckner
  • Kreek
  • Rütti

2:50 pm: Spirituals

  • I Believe
  • We Shall Walk
  • … through the Storm, to…
  • Jericho!

3:10 pm: Contemporay

  • Hudson
  • Vasks
  • Lavoy
  • Tuttarana

And if he’s still there, hopefully a few words of wisdom from Mr Earl.

Thanks for your resilience in the heat yesterday. I’m hoping the pacing of today, and the earlier stop time will make it all a little more palatable. I hope you all have a great 4th of July with whatever you decide to do this evening and that you are enjoying your host families.

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