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The “Reminders” Update! READ ME BEFORE YOU LEAVE!

Hello everyone! Greetings from Newark airport, where most of you will be in a few short days! I looked through our updates, posts, and general blasts and have a few last minutes reminders consolidated for you. Please read carefully, and if there are things that YOU’RE thinking about that you think might be helpful for the group, feel free to leave a comment! We love a group think moment.

  1. Music (with an accompanying black folder) and your concert performance attire must be in your carry on. With a direct flight, we don’t anticipate luggage issues but you will be so sad if you land at Heathrow and your music and concert dress don’t! A black suit might be slightly easier to find- but that black dress- not so much! It’s scrunchable, trust me.
  2. Aside from concert attire and music, packing light will be your friend and the friend of your choir buddies. We have multiple accommodations changes on this trip, digging through a big suitcase to find that specific shirt is not fun, and most importantly, no one wants to have to sit with a suitcase on their lap on the bus!
  3. Please make sure that you have printed or downloaded the two new pieces: Dawson_MyLordWhatAMourning and the Rodgers_GiveMeJesus, both of which can be found on the repertoire page.
  4. Group Flight! Reread the post from Shaun about meeting at EWR! He will be your contact person on July 2 for all group flight questions, for which you will want to use the WhatsApp group.
  5. WHATSAPP GROUP! PLEASE make sure your notifications are turned on. We will update on the website as much as possible but the WhatsApp group is absolutely going to be the place for up-to-the-minute information and assistance. If you are not on the group flight, sorry in advance for all the messages you might receive on July 2 and 3 when we meet up at Heathrow but we need to make sure everyone who needs the information gets the information.
  6. If you’re not on the group flight but taking the bus at Heathrow, the plan right now is to meet at the “Slipstream” sculpture (picture below!) in Terminal 2 at 10:30 am and walking together to the bus. If that changes and you miss the notification about it on WhatsApp, you are responsible for getting yourself to Streatley! I promise to send as much detailed information as possible!!!
  7. Did you complete the UD insurance info that Amy sent yesterday? Do you absolutely know where your passport is?! Are you ready to kick some butt at the competition?!?!

I think that’s it! See you on July 3!!! Reach out if you need anything or have any questions before then. Go Blue Hens!

-Rachel, 201-919-0579

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