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THE FUTURE IS NOW!!! The NEW DCS Updates Page!!

TL;DR: This is how we will be sending out UK/Wales updates now!

the welsh flag under a gloomy sky
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HELLO Delaware Choral Scholars!

After a LOT of messing with WordPress, we’ve FINALLY figured out how to directly push updates from this page directly to your emails! WOOHOO!

There will be a lot of (often timely) information coming out over the next weeks and months, and much of that information will include details that you might want to refer back to often.

Because we will be disseminating information via the Updates page, all previous communications will be available right there for you to refer back to whenever you’d like to!

All members of the DCS/UK trip have been subscribed to updates. When you get notified of a new post, please read it! These are simply taking place of normal email communications–but the information is still incredibly pertinent.

And, as always, please reach out with any questions! Here we go!!!!

2 thoughts on “THE FUTURE IS NOW!!! The NEW DCS Updates Page!!”

  1. Good morning Sarah and Dr. Head!

    I hope all is well! I just had a question regarding the sheet music section of the website. I tried clicking on the “click here” button but it doesn’t look like there is a link attached to the button. This could just be an issue on my end but let me know what you think!

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