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Good morning,

I’m really not too keen on sending out “Hooray to everyone for everything!” letters as I think they tend to trivialize the actual amount of effort exerted by so many in the accomplishment of great things – and especially for those who have gone well beyond the call of duty just because they wanted to create something amazing for other people around them.

I will, however, in this case make an exception!


Last night was truly special for me in so many ways, as it clearly was for so many in the audience. From where I was standing during the processional, it truly looked like a royal coronation or wedding as people were turning to take photos. I’m so proud of the grad conductors, and Julie Andrews really delivered as well. :)

And that’s to say nothing of your work on Saturday amidst the chaos of Choralfest. (Debbie Hess-Norris, the interim Dean, was there and was absolutely blown away by the entire event.) And for all of you who took up roles to keep the day moving while getting kids to where they needed to be – thank you is simply not enough.

And then there are those who sang with Schola on Friday night (AMAZING!), all the work ALL of you put into Bent But Not Broken, and the superb musicianship you all brought to the fall tour. Time and again, people come up to me to tell me how they appreciate the vitality and conviction you bring to your singing. I simply can’t express how very fulfilling that is for me. A true indication of communal artistry that is so rare in our noisy, chaotic world.

We will lose quite a few of you in the spring for various reasons, and I will send out another Google form later in the week to confirm who plans to return with a contract attached now that people know their student teaching placements and such. PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS that there will be openings in ALL SECTIONS for the spring and I hope to facilitate the audition process in the coming days – certainly before the semester is out.

In the beginning of the spring, we’re going to double down on the Margaret Bonds Credo and I’m hopeful I can bring in a couple guests to assist in advising that project as I really want to get it right. And, of course, we have a trip to Cornell coming up for another performance of the Dorn with Wind Ensemble. I’m still working on the rest of the spring program.

Suffice it to say, I have quite a lot on my plate right now – (Thanks SO much for your patience good humans who are waiting for recommendation letters) – and if things go according to plan, I’ll be off doing recon work for next summer’s DCS project starting a week from Tuesday. Should you have need or desire to meet, I will likely be working mostly from home to maximize efficiency, but I’m always happy to set up a meeting on ZOOM.

Thank you again fine musicians. You will never fully understand the impact of what you do until you’re out there directing your own choirs and you get to experience the whole thing from the other side of the podium

THAT experience… is truly phenomenal.


P.S. Please take a moment to tend to Ben’s email(s) for turning in music, paying fees, etc. as we will not be meeting for the last three class meetings of the semester. Your time is better spent wrapping everything else you need to accomplish before the end of the semester. Worst case, you can also drop your music outside my office door.

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