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T-minus 60 minutes!

Hi Chorale, happy tour day! Woo!

This is a reminder that your bus call time is: 3:30PM !!!

Please make sure you have everything you need, so that you can be precisely on time for the 3:30PM bus call time! Tour “Did I forget anything?” Checklist

The bus should, in the best case scenario, pull up at the Amy circle, so we would leave Amy via the doors facing the CFA.

If you are a human who will be available to assist Shaun and I in getting all of the snacks and such from the choral library to the bus, and loading all bags onto the bus, please text me with your name and your conformation that you will meet us outside of the choral library at 3:00PM. My number is:

(302) 540-6123

Also, as a reminder, these are your rooms:

Room 1Room 2Room 3Room 4Room 5Room 6Room 7Room 8Room 9Room 10Room 11
Ben GoncziErdong ChenAnthony AdamoCole WalkerElijah RobertsonMax NiedziejkoBri KellerJulia GrossmannBri LoughlinAry HerasmeAlyssa WronskiEvelyn HustaAmenah GhaniKelly IrwinOwen FresoloneLiam WheelerKayla KirchenbergRebecca PimbleShaun GibbonsDario CinagliaSarah ScatenaJenna Fabiano
Leon DeShieldsThomas WaggnerRyan BoodyRiley BellWill SchwantesXander CostasLeia GibsonZoey LipkinElyse BlaierAshley AttiehTori BresslerAlondra GonzalezMeaghan WalshJeremiah EptingJonathan LeestNoah MummertAbby MurrayKevin RomanoNoah FarnsworthSofia Kachianos

Thanks y’all. See you soon!

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