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Good morning, Schola friends.

I’ve heard mixed reviews from last night’s rehearsal. I’m putting the most eggs in the Lori Geckle basket who said things went about as well as they could have given the circumstances, and that Rollo was great in rolling with the punches in making this event come off as well as possible.

I think most have you heard me mention that it was only recently that I learned there would not be additional choirs involved in this project. While it’s great to collaborate with University Singers and Concert Choir, their rehearsal time on the repertoire was even more limited than ours, so I think they were leaning pretty heavily on you last night.

I’m also aware that the rehearsal space was less than optimal last evening. Not sure how that decision was made, or by whom, but I appreciate you all rolling with it to make it work. I’m sure things will feel quite a lot more cohesive once you’re all on stage tomorrow.


Call-Time for tomorrow (Nov 4) is at 1:45 pm in Mitchell on Concert Dress – WHICH IS – All black. (No gold ties). I recommend your regular Schola outfits, substituting a black time (bow or long) or no tie at all.

I believe the rehearsal will run from 1:45 – 2:30 on stage with Dr. Dilworth, at which point they will open the doors for a 3:00 pm curtain.

I also believe we are the only thing on the program, though I don’t know that for sure. I also don’t know what the logistics are for getting on and of stage as BBNB personnel are handling all the logistics. (I’ll be there, but I really don’t know what’s going on! But I will have hugs and smiles available on demand.)

I’m sure there will be tickets available at the door, but guess what. I don’t know how much they cost! LOL



I had originally planned to have Aimee Pearsall cover rehearsal with a guest pianist as well, but I think we’re in pretty good shape for the December Concert, it’s tech week for Opera Theater, and you’ve put in lots of extra time this week.

Enjoy the extra night off. I’ll be thinking of you from Jakarta.


While I know last night was frustrating for many – and I just wrote a long soliloquy to Chorale about the perils of a control freak (me) relinquishing control amidst innumerable extraneous factors (BBNB), I simply want you all to know how much I am so appreciative of your commitment to this project.

To my thinking, simply having the time with Rollo Dilworth is totally worth the price of admission. And while tomorrow’s concert may feature a bit of spontaneous improvisation, I’m confident he will do everything he can to make it a positive experience for everyone involved. Soak in his wisdom and embrace his love of music and life.

But again – thank you for your work on this, and for that matter, your commitment to the choir this semester. I am so very proud of the sense of community your each bring to this communal endeavor.

See you tomorrow at 1:45 pm – Mitchell Hall.


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