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SCHOLA REHEARSAL: 12 September 2023


Welcome back, everyone!

I’m especially excited to kick off this semester of Schola Cantorum as I feel we’re finally back to where we left off before the pandemic silenced choirs all over the globe. And beyond that, we have a particularly challenging program spanning over the course of three concerts – all in fabulous venues. [You can find the calendar here!]

If you’re receiving this, that means you’ve already subscribed to our mailing list and verified your address. This will be the sole means of communication in the coming semester. Additionally, you can go to the REPERTOIRE PAGE to view YouTube videos of the music in your folder where there are download links for scores as well, or if you’d rather, you can go directly to the GOOGLE REPERTOIRE FOLDER where you can download everything in one shot! Of course, for those who prefer good old fashioned hard copies you’ll receive those when you check-in tonight before rehearsal. [The password for the entire website is: schola2023 ]

To that end, we’re doing everything we can to streamline the check-in process tonight. Here’s how it goes:

  • You’ll stop at TABLE ONE to assure you’ve registered registered and that you’re active on the mailing list. If not, they’ll help you sort that out.
  • Once we know we have you in the system, you’ll proceed to TABLE TWO to confirm whether you’re using an e-reader and that you’ve already downloaded your scores, OR check-out the packet of music for the semester. Either way, the music fee for the semester if $30, regardless. Those using hard copies will return them at the end of the semester.
  • Once you clear TABLE TWO, you can precede to the choir room where I’ll be there to make sure you’re in the right section.
  • DOWNBEAT IS AT 7:30 PM… so you’ll want to arrive at least 10 or 15 minutes early to get through the whole routine.
  • I suspect we’ll run the full time tonight – ending at 9:30 pm – sharp!

In case you want to put your music in order, here’s my anticipated playlist for tonight: (For this week only, I’ve included direct links to the downloadable scores as well. Please note that the Powell is not up on the rep page yet, but you can find it in the Google folder as well as in the rep list below.)

7:30 pmWarm-ups
7:40 pmHagenbergNox
7:48 pmGjeilo – DREAMWEAVERNo. 7: Epilogue
7:55 pmGjeilo – DREAMWEAVERNo. 6: Dominion
8:05 pmGjeilo – DREAMWEAVERNo. 3: The Bridge
8:20 pmGjeilo – DREAMWEAVERNo. 5: Paradise
8:30 pmForrestThe Dream
8:38 pmHudsonVita Nuova
8:48 pmPowellTo Sit and Dream
8:56 pmLavoyThe Dream That Remains
9:25 pmMealorMy Soul, A Vibrant Harp

I think that should get you going.

There’s a lot more information to come regarding outfits, registrations costs and all the rest, and we’ll say a few words about that tonight.

Looking forward to a first night out. See you all soon.


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