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Scents of Sunday! (An Attire Adjacent Announcement)

Pictured: Left, Barb. Right, Connie.

Hi! This is Amy, and I would like you to meet my two friends, Barb and Connie. Barb and Connie are the best of friends who love to sing in choir together. Barb loves to look and smell her best at all times, but she knows her friend Connie has a hard time standing next to her in choir when she wears her Chanel No. 5. On concert day, Barb decides to leave the perfume on the shelf and opts for a shower and a moderate amount of deodorant to keep her friend Connie happy and able to breathe. Barb and Connie have a wonderful time singing and breathing together as they sing in perfect unison within their section, and it’s all thanks to Barb!


In case it wasn’t clear from my silly story, please do not wear perfume or cologne to our concert on Sunday as many choir members are sensitive to scents.

See you Sunday!


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