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Click the link below to open the Google Folder with two very important spreadsheets.

  1. Room Master Flowchart – This chart shows a list of every person on the trip and maps each person’s movements between towns. Some of you have frequent accommodation changes, so take careful note, particularly those in the Byrd Choir who did not pay for upgraded accommodations.

**Pay close attention to July 8, 9, and 10. Some of you have multiple options for where you want to stay due to overlapping hotel bookings. If this is you, you will see a note on your cell block with a small black triangle in the corner of the cell. Hover over the cell, and you can read the note.**

2. Room Assignments – This spreadsheet tells you want you want to know! The first sheet titled “Hotels” outlines all of the possible accommodations and the dates for each hotel. The subsequent sheet tabs at the bottom of the window outline room assignments for every hotel and Airbnb. Please read the message Dr. Head sent out earlier about how complicated all of this was to put together!

**Use Command+F to quickly find your name. You’re welcome.**