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REHEARSAL PLAN: 31 May 2024 – And details about tonight!

AM REHEARSAL (10:00 AM – 12:30 PM)

  • 9:53 am: Stretching w/Esther
  • 10:00 am: Warm-up
  • 10:05 am: Runestad – Let My Love Be Head
  • 10:15 am: Schütz – Die Himmel
  • 10:30 am: Bruckner – Christus factus est
  • 10:42 am: Whitacre – Leonardo
  • 11:00 am: Harley-Emerson – I’ve Been in the Storm
  • 11:15 am: BREAK!!!
  • 11:25 am: Brahms – And die Heimat
  • 11:40 am: Rütti – It missa est
  • 11:55 am: Vasks – Māte saule (pdh will rehearse today)
  • 12:10 pm: Lowry – How Can I Keep from Singing
  • 12:16 pm: Mealor – Lady, When Behold
  • 12:26 pm: Hogan – Battle of Jericho


PM REHEARSAL (3:00 PM – 5:30 PM)

  • 3:00 pm: Hudson – I Sing the Body
  • 3:15 pm: Garrett – We Shall Walk
  • 3:35 pm: Kreek – Õnnis on inimene (AHE will rehearse)
  • 3:50 pm: LaVoy – Song of Amergin
  • 4:05 pm: Gibbs – My God is a Rock (AHE will rehearse)
  • 4:25 pm: LaVoy – White Stones
  • 4:37 pm: Esmail – Tuttarana
  • 4:55 pm: Moore – I Believe (AHE will rehearse)
  • 5:15 pm: Rautavaara – Lähtö (AHE will rehearse)


  • My God Is a Rock: Auditions at lunch time
  • The Battle of Jericho: Auditions during rehearsal
  • Ite missa est: I’m thinking we have finalists for this already – we’ll sort that during rehearsal
  • White Stones: Same here
  • We Shall Walk: We need to figure out who the small groups are during rehearsal
  • Leonardo: Sarah has the soprano solo. I’m thinking we had finalists for the baritone
  • I’ve Been in the Storm: Yay Jillian! We can hardly wait!


Today’s featured image is a highly skilled drawing of the construction zone that was formerly our home. The house is still a disaster with a layer of dust on everything as all our furniture and belongs are strewn all over the place. As I write this, the dudes are coming to the house to work on drywall!

BUT… the porch is in pretty good shape, and the weather tonight should be excellent. A few things to know about this evenings gathering

  • I’m supplying burgers, sausages, veggie burgers and all the basic condiments.
  • You are supplying appetizers, chips, deserts, and BYOB.
  • If you’ve been to our house before, you’ll remember a white house with blue trim. NOW the house is midnight blue with black trim. (Noah and Kevin say we’ve gone Goth. LOL) When you come up our driveway, follow the driveway to the left of the house and veer RIGHT at the sawhorse to park in the backyard. (If you don’t, your car will end up stuck in a hole!) You can simply walk up the backyard toward the porch which is where everyone will gather. Remember… we have a big dog that poops out there!
  • If you can, bring a blanket, frisbee, or anything else you’d bring to a picnic. Our backyard is huge. (Did I mention the dog poop?) We may have a bonfire if we can put the new fire pit together.
  • Just for timing, once you pass Clayton Hall, it’s about 15 minutes out to our house. You’ll know you’re getting close when you get the village of New London. You’ll turn left in the village on State Road, then again on Lewisville Road. We’re the fourth house (but the third driveway) on the left. There’s a construction sign in the front yard and Carol plans to tie a balloon to the address post.
  • Fun! 🙂

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