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Recon Trip Day 2/3 Blog: Black Folders/Cases for iPads, Food during Competition, Helpful Hythe Tips

Hello all! Another quick update before many of you hop on airplanes tomorrow! To keep it light and short, (though I encourage you to keep reading to see some helpful pictures and narratives from our past few days), here is the TLDR (marked in blue highlight) for those that just need the quick redux of super important things:

  • Black Folders vs. Black iPad cases: If it looks like a solid black folder when you hold it, you are good to go! BUT, if you have a foldable laptop, or have a keyboard showing on the back of your device, or have any color other than black, you will need to hold your iPad inside of a black folder.
  • We HIGHLY SUGGEST you get some non-perishable foods to pack before the competition dates! We will not be returning to our Chester Hotels during the day of the competition, nor will we before the end of the Parade. There will be some vendors and food trucks in Llangollen during the Parade and competition, but it also will be PACKED and CROWDED. The grocery stores directly next to YHA and the Swan Hotel in Streatley would be the most convenient, so if you’re concerned about getting fed and have some limiting diet restrictions, this might help to do!
  • Our main performance venue in Hythe is St. Leonard’s Church (location of JAM concert, Byrd, and recording session). The space is lovely, but at the top of a very steep hill in town! Please be mindful of this when we are walking up in our concert attire and performance shoes.
  • Hythe is very walkable and charming, but it would still be very wise to drop pin locations on your phone for significant places, especially if you are an AirBNB folk! Also, while Chester and Llangollen are very much on the chilly side, Hythe is where the weather gets a bit warmer! I’d still keep a hoodie on you since it is still windy, but if you’re wondering when the best days would be to dress summery, those would be it!
  • The little train in Hythe is ADORABLE, but also, VERY SMALL! We’ll have the whole train to ourselves the day we all go on the excursion, but if you’re a tall human, we’d advise grabbing your own seat for some extra leg room.

Thank you all for tuning in! Below I have included many pictures of important spots to remember! Sarah and I will be handling hotel check-ins each day, so feel free to ask us any questions! See you all VERY SOON in the lovely town of Streatley!

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