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READY FOR LIFT-OFF! New Zealand Pre-Departure Meeting!

Who’s Ready to See the World?

Tomorrow evening at 7:00 we’ll have our final ZOOM meeting for a last minute Q&A regarding the upcoming tour.


PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ATTEND THIS MEETING! Knowledge is power. Ignorance leaves people sitting alone in airports or stuck at the immigration desk.

Why should you come? Lots of reasons.

We’ll talk travel stuff, like:

  • How to get your boarding pass
  • How to choose a seat on the plane
  • How to check-in for your flights (It’s different each time)
  • How to pack without getting gouged for a heavy carry-on at the gate
  • How to stay cool during a heatwave in Napa
  • How not to freeze in foggy San Francisco
  • How not to catch a cold in rainy New Zealand
  • The latest and very scary information about COVID!
  • How to make your phone work abroad
  • What to expect with home-stays and hotels
  • How much (or little) time you’ll have to play in Napa. (We’re there to rehearse!)
  • How random our schedule is while we’re in New Zealand
  • Any other travel questions that come up.

And we’ll address other details, like

  • Bringing a nice card and/or small gift for your host family in Napa
  • What to expect when you ride BART from the airport to San Francisco
  • What apps you should have on your phone
  • What to do about drawing cash in New Zealand (and using Apple/Google Pay or credit cards)
  • What to expect in terms of immigration, medications, and such in NZ
  • How your friends and family can follow us on social media
  • What concerts will be streamed and how people can watch those
  • How you are ALL appointed as staff photographers so we can document this historic event
  • What the competition process will be like, and how we pace ourselves over the course of ten days! (We’ll talk about this in Napa as well)
  • Options for visiting Hobbiton or the surrounding islands in New Zealand
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road if you decide to rent a car
  • Green, yellow, and red days when we’re on a competition endeavor
  • How much will it cost you if you forget your passport and have to rebook a flight to New Zealand

I’m sure you won’t this spine-tingling episode of what I believe will go down in history as the most ambitious choir tour I’ve ever been a part of! We’ll record it as well in case you simply can’t be there, but this is an excellent time to stand and be counted so we know that you know what we hope you all know.

See you tomorrow night at 7:00 pm


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