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READ ME! Important stuff from PDH!

Hey everyone!

Greetings from Vietnam – where Carol and I are testing out our resilience for adventurous travel! There’ll be lots of stories to tell about this one. (Who knew that Japanese bullet trains stop running during a typhoon?!)


  1. There are several of us posting regularly to this website now with important updates as we close in on the tour. New stuff is happening every day and it’s SUPER important that you watch for email posts from DELAWARE CHORAL SCHOLARS and READ THEM! If you’re not good at email, please make an exception for the team over the next few weeks and be good at email. 🙂
  2. Rachel assembled a choir attire committee and has sent out this very important post with ALL the details you need about outfits for this summer’s tour. TL;DR – you need to purchase specific articles of clothing so we look as good as we sound. (It’s either jacket and pants (regardless of gender) or full-length dress – you choose.) At very least, we’ll use these outfits for future DCS endeavors, and quite possibly Chorale in the fall as well. (Chorale people, please note that we waived the outfit fee for the spring, so please take that into account while dealing with this.)
  3. SUPER IMPORTANT! We need to know that you have seen and are acting on the outfit directives. To that end, please click through to the link in Rachel’s post (above) and leave a comment with your full name where indicated and the words “I got it!” in the body of the message so we know you are accounted for. If you don’t respond within 48 hours, I’ll have to put Amy on tracking you down one by one. Not fun.
  4. ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT: If you’re freaking out because this is one more unanticipated expense and your bank account is hemorrhaging, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP with the words FINANCIAL DISTRESS. in the subject line. Upon receiving your email, I’ll find a way to subsidize your purchase. I don’t want anyone to panic over this added expense.
  5. SOLOS!! The bass solo in Rejoice in the Lamb is going to Andrew, but there are still solos available for soprano, alto, and tenor. If you’re interested in one of those, I will hear auditions by video submission, (preferably submitted by YouTube unlisted link.) If interested, please comment on THIS post with your name where indicated and the word “Interested” in _____ indicate part(s) solo” in the body of the message. You can submit your solo audition link (a cappella is fine) by email with the words SOLO AUDITION in the subject line. DEADLINE is midnight on Saturday, June 17. You will be notified the following week of the results.
  6. MEMORIZED MUSIC: All the competition music – including the Petrassi – BEFORE YOU GET ON THE PLANE!!! I’ll start adding recordings this week to the rep list so you have something to sing with. Would be great to have the Lauridsen memorized as well so we can really sell those.
  7. Finally, there were several of you who took hard copies of the music at the first rehearsal and noted that on a list so we could add that to your account – which we never did. We’ll make that adjustment in the coming week so you may receive one more invoice with that residual balance due. The fee is $30 if you took the hard copy option.

I think that’s it for now. Again, it’s a bit unnerving that I won’t see most of you until you get off the plane in London in a few weeks. We’re relying on everyone to be attentive to electronic communication so we’re on our best game upon arrival.

Coming soon:

  • Rooming assignments
  • Updated rep list with a couple more spirituals added
  • Updated itinerary with more detailed information about the day to day operations of the tour. In the meantime, below is the list of performances and events for the course of the tour. It’s gonna be a great run:
    • Wednesday, July 5th @ 19h30 St Mary’s Church Streatley, England
    • Friday, July 7th @ 13h00 St. Collen’s Church Llangollen, Wales
    • Friday, July 7th @ 15h30 Chester Cathedral Chester, Wales
    • Saturday, July 8th Eisteddfod International Choral Competition Llangollen, Wales
    • Sunday, July 9th William Byrd: Mass for Five Voices (Chamber Choir only) St. Leonard’s Church Hythe, England
    • Tuesday, July 11th @ 12h00 Canterbury Cathedral Canterbury, England
    • Wednesday, July 12 @ 14h30 Masterclass with Nicholas Cleobury St. Leonard’s Church Hythe, England
    • Thursday, July 13 @ 19h00 Festival Concert: JAM on the Marsh St. Leonard’s Church Hythe, England

Getting VERY excited about this extraordinary project.

Please read your email. 🙂



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