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Posters, Payments, and Printing!

Hello Schola,

Three items…

  1. Posters! We are having posters printed today, and they should be ready by tomorrow! If you would like a poster (or two or three) to help us promote the concert, please reach out to me ( I may even be convinced to make special deliveries if you are close enough to campus!
  2. Payments! Click here to make your music fee and community registration payments if you have not yet done so. If you are a student who is registered for Schola as a class, you do not need to make the community registration payment. Music teachers are also exempt. EVERYONE should pay the $30 music fee. If either of these fees present a true hardship, please let Dr. Head or me know. Reach out to me if you have any questions.
  3. Printing! I am SO SORRY that we collected the Dan Forrest and Paul Mealor pieces last night, only to pass back the wrong copies without all your meticulous markings. Goes to show that sometimes being proactive backfires! I will print some more copies of those two pieces and have them available for our next rehearsal in case you were one of the people who never got a copy back of either piece. Thanks for rolling with it!

That’s all. Thanks, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Posters, Payments, and Printing!”

  1. I would like 3 posters, please, Amy. I will pay for them, if you need me to. And I will come by to pick them up, when you say I can. Thanks!

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