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PLEASE NOTE: Modified Rehearsal Schedule Tonight!


Good morning Chorale! I just wanted to reach out to let you all know that tonight’s rehearsal, in collaboration with the other choirs and wind ensemble, will be starting a little later, and will last a little longer.

We will be spending 4:40PM-6PM in AED118 just as chorale. Then, we will take a 30 minute break, before walking over to Puglisi for a 6:30PM downbeat with all other musicians! That will last until 7:30PM.

For more info as to how we fit into the overall plan of the night, please see a more detailed wind ensemble rehearsal schedule sent out by Arreon:

4:40-5:00- Warm-up. Review pp.3-5 rhythms, p.11, 108 to the bottom of p.15. (Paul runs as Arreon will be en route)

5:00-5:15- Non-idiomatic ending (Arreon) [during this time, we are rehearsing separately in 118]

5:15-6:00- Run piece and clean (Lauren)

6:00-6:30- Transition to Puglisi [chorale does the same]

6:30-7:30- Dress rehearsal with all ensembles [including us, obvi!]

Alright chorale. That should be everything. Please do your best to rehearse the Dorn on your own time, so that this rehearsal can go as smoothly as possible! As a reminder, you have many learning resources at your disposal in this folder, found within the chorale repertoire folder.

See yah later!

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