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Hello everyone! Rachel here with a long-awaited “what are we wearing” update. Please see the memo here with all the details about what you need to order and pack. There are lots of details, so please do read it through carefully! We are asking that everyone try their best to have all outfit items ordered by this Friday (June 9) to ensure time for tailoring, ordering delays, etc.

We know that having to purchase additional items is an unexpected cost for the trip. PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me or Dr. Head if getting your outfit together is going to cause any financial distress. Our goal is for everyone to “look the business,” which you can’t do if you’re too stressed! We will make it work, 100%.

Thanks, all! Cannot wait to see everyone in July- happy practicing!

Rachel Clark contact info- cell (201)-919-0759 / e-mail


  1. Thanks! Just purchased the dress this morning and looks like it will arrive by Wednesday June 21st! …now for those black knee high stockings!!!

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