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The Delaware Choral Scholars are embarking on their Summer 2024 tour. Read our day-to-day redux of the tour here, captured in real-time during the trip!

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DAY 12: July 14th

Today was a joyful day for the choir!!!! The choir won TWO GOLD MEDALS in the Musica Sacra and Mixed Choir categories, and won the overall prize for Mixed Choir! The singers were absolutely ecstatic!!!

The choir will begin preparing for the second half of the competition soon, but for now, they are reveling in their joy!

DAY 11: July 13th

The choir competed in their second category of the World Choir Games this morning: Musica Sacra! The performance was held in the lovely St. Matthew’s Church.

After a brisk walk through the streets of Auckland, the choir warmed up and had some quiet time before performing their four pieces: Schutz’ “Die Himmel,” Bruckner’s “Christus Factus Est,” Kreek’s “Õnnis on inimene,” and Rütti’s “Ite missa est.”

After the performance, the choir had some free time to relax and explore Auckland!

DAY 10: July 12th

Today was the day! The choir finally performed in their first category for the World Choir Games: Mixed Choir. The set consisted of Rautavaara’s “Lähtö,” Brahms’ “An die Heimat,” Mealor’s “Lady, When I Behold the Roses,” and Whitacre’s “Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine.”

The day started with a light warm-up rehearsal and pep talk, and then after a lunch break, the choir got into their attire and headed over to the venue for the performance.

Check out our first competition set here!

The singers sang with passion! Everyone is now resting up for their second competitive performance tomorrow, where the choir will compete in the Musica Sacra category.

DAY 9: July 11th

Today was a lovely and restful day for the choir! Many singers were able to attend performances from other choirs competing in the 2024 World Choir Games.

The day culminated in the first “Choral Kaleidoscope” Concert of this year’s Games. DCS performed last on the program, and the singers were absolutely euphoric after singing! We are so grateful to everyone who came out to watch the concert, and for everyone’s kind words!

DAY 8: July 10th

Today was a marathon of singing for our Scholars! The day began with a morning warm-up/brief rehearsal outside of the hotel with the scenic views of Auckland in the background.

After their brief rehearsal, the choir had a 10-minute soundcheck in the venue for their first competition set. The process was quick and efficient!!

After soundcheck and lunch, the choir had a productive rehearsal block. Everything is coming together for the first competition performance THIS FRIDAY!

The day culminated in the opening ceremony for the World Choir Games. The choir was in high spirits as they watched the opening speeches and performance!

DAY 7: July 9th

The choir arrived in Auckland, New Zealand today! The plane landed at around 5:30 AM GMT + 12 (so no July 8th).

After an early-morning unload, the singers took to the streets of Auckland to explore and see the sights. We are as far on the other side of the world from Delaware as we can be!!

Tomorrow is the official start of the World Choir Games 2024. Check back soon for more updates! In the meantime, enjoy a few photos of our singers enjoying their day.

DAY 6: July 7th

The choir had a lovely last day in the USA before flying out to NZ! The morning was spent singing a lovely church service at Napa United Methodist Church, where Dr. Head and his family worshipped during their time in Napa, CA.

After the service, the congregation sent our Choral Scholars away to Berkeley with only the warmest of well-wishes. Choristers spent the day on UC Berkeley’s campus grabbing lunch and exploring, before hopping back onto the bus and heading straight to SFO!! To New Zealand we go! When we arrive, July 8th will have dissolved across the International Date Line, so check back for a July 9th blog update!

DAY 5: July 6th

The choir had a productive yet more laid-back day in Napa today! The morning started with a spot-checking session and staging walkthrough, with extra downtime for the choir to explore during their last full day in Napa.

The day culminated in the second concert of the tour at the Napa Methodist Church. Many alumni of Dr. Head’s tenure at Vintage High School came and sang with the choir on their final song!

Today was the choir’s last full day in the USA! The flight for New Zealand leaves tomorrow night, with the choir touching down in NZ in the early morning. (So no July 8th update- it doesn’t happen for us!) Bon voyage!!

DAY 4: July 5th

Today was an extremely productive and exciting day for the choir! The singers took a bus from Napa to San Francisco, where they were graciously hosted by the gorgeous Calvary Presbyterian Church for a day of rehearsal.

After an afternoon of hard work, Dr. Charlene Archibeque provided feedback and advice to the ensemble in preparation for the World Choir Games and their two performances in California. This was most appreciated!

In the evening, the choir gave their first concert of the summer. The concert was lovely, and the singers are looking forward to some time off tomorrow morning before the next big evening concert!

Check out the concert here!

Day 3: July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! The choir had an extremely productive rehearsal in Napa today, as they continue to prepare for the World Choir Games. Working hard on memorization and the minutiae of many musical details!

Mr. Dan Earl, the high school teacher of Dr. Head, also came to rehearsal today to offer some words of wisdom and perspective to the singers. This was greatly appreciated by all!

The singers also had time to explore downtown Napa today. Ask your favorite singer what they did with their free time!

DAY 2: July 3rd

The choir woke up bright and early to travel from San Francisco to Napa, CA to begin intensive rehearsals in preparation for the World Choir Games. Napa United Methodist church was kind enough to host the singers for rehearsals!

Rehearsal was extremely productive, with the singers making excellent progress towards memorization!

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We are OFF on our Summer 2024 tour!!! Today, members of the choir convened from all corners of the USA in sunny San Francisco, CA.

The singers had the day to adjust to the CA timezone and beat jet-lag before they embark on many hours of intensive rehearsal in Napa to prepare for the World Choir Games. Follow along on this page to see our progress! Updates every day.