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New Zealand – HERE WE COME!


In case your forgot: Website password is DCS-NZ-2024

We received confirmation this morning that the Delaware Choral Scholars have been accepted into the World Choir Games at the Championship level. That was quite a process of providing documentation while pledging the naming rights of our first-born great grandchild!. (It’s Rumplestiltskin… Shhhh!)

Seemed like a sure thing, but it’s nice to have confirmation.


For those of you who requested airport rides and housing, you should have heard from Amy by now, or you WILL hear from Amy about that very soon. We think we have everyone covered. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.


Bearing in mind that some people are literally traveling 3000 miles to attend these rehearsals, we are assuming you will honor the commitments you made when completing your application. (I’m planning rehearsals according to what you said there.) If we granted exceptions to miss a rehearsal, that was noted at the bottom of your acceptance letter you received back in August. As you recall from the introductory materials, we expect people with church jobs to clear those conflicts so we can make the most of our weekend together – again, unless we granted an exception upon acceptance.

Should you become ill, but you’re still functional, please plan to mask up and attend rehearsal anyway. There’s plenty of space in both of our rehearsal rooms to distance yourself. We’ll sing everything in the folder this weekend and you won’t want to miss that.


If you’re using an e-reader you should have downloaded all the scores from the Sheet Music page on the website before the first rehearsal. Everything is there except the new commission piece. If you’re a hard-copy person, you’ll receive a packet of music at the first rehearsal – less the four pieces you need to print out mentioned in the previous post. Perhaps you also noticed that Esther graciously volunteered to make copies of those four pieces for you if you give her enough notice. You can reach her at:


We’ve booked a private room following the Friday night rehearsal at Iron Hill Brewery. I’ll pay for the appetizers and you’re welcome to purchase tasty beverages on your own. For those who don’t know the place, they do have some nice in-house ales and beers. πŸ™‚ Weather looks chilly but nice on Friday. Rainy all day on Saturday – so bring appropriate clothing.


Speaking of clothing… We plan to have a photo shoot on Sunday afternoon so the photo on our publicity photos actually features the people who are in THIS group. If you have your outfit from last summer in Wales, bring it along, including the scarves. If not, plan to wear ALL BLACK with a splash of blue. These will be casual shots, but we still want to look classy.


If you have other questions or concerns, please reach out to Rachel ( or Amy ( and they’ll help in any way they can. You’re welcome to email me as well, but I can simply tell you that my inbox is a dumpster fire right now – so your chances of getting an intelligible response are slim. So what’s new.

You CAN however contact me by text message at 302-544-2678. You might actually get a reply to that.

So excited to see and hear you all this weekend!

Delaware take New Zealand!! Let’s do this.

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