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New Schedule & Travel Info

Dear DCS,

Thank you for responding to my last post. It seems that everyone’s excursions are refundable, which is awesome. Please take a close look at the new schedule, posted below. While I do not expect this schedule to change, there is a note that they reserve the right to change it at any moment.

Delaware Choral Scholars Schedule

Note that July 17 is missing from this schedule, which means it’s a true free day. That would be a good day to book any all day excursions. The first day, July 9, is also a good day to explore as you have no obligations that day. The choir does not need to be present at registration. I am awaiting a response from the hotel about luggage storage since check in is not available until 2:00 pm. Another light day is July 11, but do make sure you are back from any exploring with plenty of time to get ready.

Please read the travel guide posted below for some very helpful tips. It’s worth emphasizing that New Zealand has very strict rules about what can and cannot be brought into the country. Marijuana is illegal, and drinking and driving is not tolerated. Alcohol is permitted to anyone over 18, but ages 18 and 19 are not allowed to have ANY alcohol in blood while driving.

World Choir Games New Zealand Travel Guide

That’s all for now. I will type this schedule onto our itinerary page. Let me know if you have questions!


2 thoughts on “New Schedule & Travel Info”

  1. I should add… I HAVE sent a high school kid home from a choir trip for having marijuana. Please don’t make me book a flight home for an adult! 🙏

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