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Music: Have you switched over to the dark side?!?! Let Ben know!

Hi all,

Happy Monday! Ben here. I just wanted to send out a message to say: if you have transitioned from using paper music to using an e-reader of some kind, and you intend to make this switch PERMANENT (for all rehearsals, tour, and all concerts, etc.), PLEASE let me know ASAP, and return your music to me even MORE ASAP! (Preferably all in one neat pile, all at the same time.) This just helps me to keep everything organized and allows for less pieces of music to be floating around in the ether.

We will begin looking at the Dorn commission (entitled, “Transcendence”) tonight, so please ensure that that piece is in your folder! I distributed it, along with Flummerfelt’s “Danny Boy”, to physical music peeps last week. Please feel free to find a MIDI realization of the Dorn piece in the Chorale Repertoire Google Folder, if you would like to start familiarizing yourself!

Please let me know if you have any questions. See yah soon!

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