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LUGGAGE INFORMATION! (hey read me please!!!)

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re staying dry during these fun weather times! (ick) ⛈ Some staff members are departing for the UK tomorrow to prep for your arrival! We can’t wait!!

I’m writing with some important details regarding luggage–both for people on and off the group flight! (So please read this, everyone!)

Group flight people: you are entitled to ONE checked bag, ONE carry-on bag, and ONE personal item for this flight. BUT… even though you CAN check a bag up to 50 lbs, we are STRONGLY URGING YOU TO PACK EFFICIENTLY FOR THIS TRIP. For two reasons!

  1. This trip has a LOT of transfers! And potentially a bit of walking depending on where you stay. (Take it from the girl who lugged her 50 pound bag through Venice last year… over cobblestones… my American was showing)
    As such, for your own sanity, pack as lightly as possible. You can fit a LOT in a smaller rolling bag if you (haha) roll it up, and if you want packing tips please do ask me!! I’ve been hard at work packing my own efficient bags today, so I’ve got lots of tips.
  2. The second reason is a bit more on the nose–but if everyone packs a huge 50 lb bag, we simply don’t think we’ll be able to fit all 60 of them on every single bus we take. Busses can hold a lot, but likely not that much. We don’t want to leave anyone’s bags behind! So please, take this into account as you’re prepping.

So excited, everyone!!!! Happy packing!


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