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July 6: Itinerary & News (Rachel’s Early Thursday Edition)

It’s go time, people! We have a few extremely critical time alerts- you need to read this carefully and maybe set some extra alarms throughout the day so that you don’t get stuck in a tiny Welsh town (not a joke).

You are wearing UD gear all day for the Parade of Nations on Thursday afternoon; please dress appropriately in the am. We will hand out your tiny parade flags on the bus on the way to Llangollen.

Here’s the specifics for THURSDAY JULY 6:

As a reminder, here’s where you’re staying for the next few nights, which is very important!

  • 7h30 BAG DROP: Find your appropriate location below and check where your luggage goes. A staff member will be standing outside to watch your bags, so you are free from 7:30-7:45 am to grab breakfast, go to the bathroom, etc. Key Cards for the Swan should be dropped at reception.
    • If you are staying at MOXY CHESTER: Your bags are going on the van (thank you Ross & Esther). You are bringing your bags outside near the RECEPTION DOOR at the Swan.
    • If you are staying at THE MILL: Your bags are going on the bus. You are bringing your bags outside near the Coppa Club entrance at the Swan.
    • If you are staying in Llangollen: Your bags are also going on the bus. You are putting your bags on the bus last (Jay will assist!)
  • 7h45 BUS LOADS You are standing near the Coppa Club bag drop off location to extremely efficiently load the bus. The bus will literally be blocking traffic, so we need to be swift.
  • 8h00 Bus and van drive to Coventry Cathedral.
  • 10h00 Group Tour at Coventry Cathedral, hopefully with a short concert somewhere inside.
  • 12h00 Bus leaves Coventry Cathedral and heads to Llangollen.
  • 14h00 Arrive at Llangollen; you have about two hours to get some food, have a walk around the village, take cute pictures. Anyone staying in Llangollen gets luggage off the bus and gets checked into the AirBnbs.
  • 16h00 Gather for the Parade of Nations in the field by the Festival Pavilion
  • Immediately following the parade, all the Moxy and Mill people are getting DIRECTLY back on the bus. The bus is under an extremely, extremely strict legal working time limit. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be on that bus when the driver hits his time limit, pulls over, turns the bus off, and we have to walk the rest of the way to Chester. Do not get lost or be late along the parade route (go get thee quickly forth!)!!!! The reason this step doesn’t have a time attached is because we don’t know exactly how long the parade is going to be! We suspect we’ll be leaving Llangollen around 5:30 pm. Faculty and a few extra staff members stay behind in Llangollen for the night/ceremony, and meet in Chester later that evening.
  • ARRIVAL IN CHESTER: again, time is TBD but we have a clear plan for hotel drop offs.
    • Everyone is getting dropped off at The Mill Hotel in Chester.
    • Mill people, your luggage is already on the bus and will get unloaded at the hotel. Rachel will assist with check-in.
    • Moxy people, you just need to walk yourselves to the Moxy (quick and easy 6 minute walk led by Bri!) because the van with all your luggage will meet you there (thanks again Ross and Esther!). Bri will assist with check-in.

Easy peasy! If you have questions or concerns throughout the day, PLEASE ask me!!! I will be doing head counts like we are on a Music in the Parks field trip all day (iykyk) and if anything comes up, I need to know asap.

WHAT AN AMAZING FIRST CONCERT! Wow wow wow. Thank you for sharing your voices and hearts. See you bright and early!

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