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July 5: Itinerary & News (Wednesday)

A few thoughts from PDH…

This is where things get interesting!
  • It’s safe to say that we ALL want to be at our very best as we close in on the coming events of the weekend, and in doing so, the tendency is to become over-zealous in the expectations and interactions with your colleagues. (“You’re singing that wrong.” “The person behind me is flat!” “Why can’t he match that vowel!”) Please be attentive to keeping things positive and mutually affirming, whether in sectionals, inside, or outside of rehearsal. NOBODY will be at their best if they’re worried about what others are thinking of them in the moment. Think about that!
  • There are many questions as to how tomorrow’s travel itinerary will play out. There are likely to be many last minute adjustments as we deal with complications related to bus transfers. If at any time you find that all a bit annoying, simply look at a staff member and chant the mantra – “I’m glad I’m not one of them!!!”
  • And to that end, please stock up today on snacks in case meals tomorrow don’t work out as you might wish! Especially breakfast as we’re likely to leave before the hotel restaurant is open, and there won’t be time for hostel people to get to the store.


  • 9h00 – Warm-up
  • 9h10 – 9h30 – S/A break into sectionals to check competition rep while T/B stay with Lori in the rehearsal room to run (check) Lauridsen 1, 2, & 4
  • 9h35 – 9h55 – SWITCH! T/B break into sections to check competition rep while S/A stay with Lori in the rehearsal room to run (check) Lauridsen 1, 2, & 4
  • 10h00 – RUN entire Lauridsen ste
  • 10h20 – Spot check and run COMPETITION ONE
  • 10h50 – BREAK
  • 11h00 – Churcher: Evening Star – Let’s give it a whirl!
  • 11h15 – Spot check and run COMPETITION TWO
  • 11h30 – Dove: Seek Him
  • 11h40 – Mealor: Stabat Mater (Will it live or will it … die.)
  • 11h55 – Rodgers: Give Me Jesus
  • 12H00 (or a tiny bit after) – LUNCH(Distribution of scarves and bow ties!)
  • 13h00 – Britten: Rejoice in the Lamb – RUN IT! Soloist (for today S: Esther, A: Leon, T: Arreon, B: Andrew)
  • 13h30 – COMPETITION ONE… trouble shoot. (Our last real chance!)
  • 13h50 – COMPETITION TWO… trouble shoot. (Also… our last real chance!)
  • 14h10 – Full Lauridsen set
  • 14h25 – ANNOUNCEMENTS and details for tomorrow!
  • 14h30 – BREAK for whole choir while we move to St Mary’s
  • 14h45 – 15h45 – CHAMBER CHOIR at St. Marys. (Can we have the hymns in hand by this point?) – Remaining choir members, please find a quiet place to study your scores. (And get scores in order for concert run.)
  • 16h00 – 17h30 – FULL CHOIR at St Mary’s. Run tentative Concert Program
    • Dove: Seek Him
    • Bruckner: Justi
    • Mealor: Stabat Mater
    • Britten: Rejoice Section One
    • Byrd: Sanctus and Agnus Dei
    • Lauridsen: Nocturnes – all of them
    • Dawson: My Lord What a Mourning (Arreon conducts)
    • ENCORE: Rodgers: Give Me Jesus

And now… some timely advice from Rachel, to whom (along with the entire staff) we are all deeply indebted!

Good morning! We have another full day of rehearsing ahead, plus a concert- Woohoo!

General housekeeping note- what an amazing group of people you all are. Thank you for being so helpful, caring towards each other, and obviously incredible musicians. As we go forward and there are inevitably issues with anything, please tell me about them so that I can assist! When we’re on tour like this, no problem is too small for me to hear about, especially with this many moving parts. I’m always going to be happier solving a tiny problem than being left in the dark and suddenly there is a much, much bigger issue! I promise you are not bothering me :)

Here’s the specifics for today, WEDNESDAY JULY 5:

  • 7h30 Swan Hotel breakfast opens.
    • Quick note to “Swan” people about breakfast- if there’s any issue about getting seated, being on the list, etc., please check with hotel reception. I talked to them last night and everyone should be good to go, but it would help if you specify your room number because sometimes the names don’t match the “main” reservation. Hotel reception has been extremely accommodating and helpful!
  • 8h00 (an hour earlier than yesterday!) Continental breakfast for all at Swan Hotel in Event Room
  • 9h00-12h00 (also an hour earlier!) Rehearsal at Swan Hotel
  • 12h00 (ish) Lunch at Swan Hotel (Distribution of scarves and bow ties!)
  • 13h00-14h30 Rehearsal at Swan Hotel
  • 14h45-15h45 Chamber Choir at St. Mary’s Church*
  • 16h00-17h30 Full Rehearsal at St. Mary’s Church
  • 17h30-19h00 Break for dinner at leisure and change into concert attire
  • 19h30 Evening concert at St. Mary’s Church

*Byrd Choir people, the hymns for Sunday morning are uploaded to the google drive. Paper copy people, we should have copies for you by rehearsal tomorrow.

Preview of tomorrow, Thursday July 6: YOUR ANTICIPATED FLEXIBILITY AND PATIENCE IS APPRECIATED as we solidify some travel plans! More info to come! Thursday will be our first big travel day (Llangollen, let’s gooooo) as we enter into full blown competition mode and change lodgings. This is a good time to check where you’re staying next. (click the tabs that say Chester) Please continue to alert staff when there are any issues, and we will keep you posted about everything that you need to know!

-Rachel 1-201-919-0759

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