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July 4: Itinerary & News (Tuesday)


  • 10h00 – Warm-ups with Arreon!
  • 10h10 – Mealor: Suo Gan… WARM TONE and Welsh Diction
  • 10h17 – Petrassi: Nonsense
  • 10h28 – Mthembu: Alleluia… Last section – especially runs in the last few measures and those damn claps!
  • 10h40 – Fine: Against Jealousy… Gotta know this cold! Regardless of whether the conductor comes of the rails. PLEASE mark your measures to you know how long the long notes are. One beat per measure in most cases.
  • 11h00 – Britten: Rejoice… 1st section
  • 11h10- Soprano seating… again (Everyone else gets an early break.)
  • 11h30 – Churcher: Evening Star CHOIR ONE ONLY (Semi-Chorus)
  • 11h40(ish) – Churcher: Evening Start CHOIR TWO ONLY (Chorus)
  • 11h53(ish) – Churcher: Evening Star…. Run the bugger!
  • 12h00 – Pass: Psalm 150
  • 12h15 – Mealor: Stabat Mater… because it feels good. Not gonna spend a lot of time on this.
  • 12h25 – Lauridsen: Soneto


  • 14h00 – Reid: Even Me… figure out cuts and timing
  • 14h12 – Garrett: Soon I Will Be Done… We almost know this!
  • 14h25 – Dent: Whole World… loosy goosy chromatics and those awkward tenor transitions!
  • 14h40 – Lauridsen: Nuit – Ummm… we should learn this!
  • 14h47 – Lauridsen: Voice – same!
  • 15h10 – Rodgers: Give Me Jesus
  • 15h15 – FULL CHOIR RELEASED – 10 minute break for chamber choir!
  • 15h25 – CHAMBER CHOIR: Byrd Mass
    • Kyrie
    • Gloria
    • Sanctus
    • Benedictus
    • Agnus Dei
    • MAYBE look at the hymns for Sunday if we can get copies in your hands.
  • 16h30 – HAVE A LOVELY EVENING!!! (Sorry – a bit later than I had anticipated!)

AND NOW… Lovely notes from Rachel…

Good morning! We have a full day of rehearsal ahead.

Here’s the specifics for today, TUESDAY JULY 4 (fireworks, apple pie, baseball, etc)

  • 7h30 Swan Hotel breakfast opens.
    • Reminder about breakfast! YHA people, you are welcome to the event breakfast with everyone else at 9 am at the Swan! It’ll be set up in the same space where we are rehearsing; the event room is located smack between the hotel and the Coppa Club, so follow signs for “Events and Meetings” and if you’re lost, reach out and we will find you!
  • 9h00 Continental breakfast for all at Swan Hotel in Event Room
  • 10h00-13h00 Rehearsal at the Swan Hotel
  • 13h00 Lunch at the Swan Hotel
  • 14h00-16h30 Rehearsal at the Swan Hotel
  • 16h30-17h30 Chamber Choir Rehearsal (at, you guessed it! The Swan Hotel).
  • Evening at leisure- enjoy exploring these charming villages and get some well-deserved rest!

Preview of tomorrow, Wednesday July 5: Breakfast at 8 am, rehearsals for full choir and chamber choir at the Swan and at St. Mary’s, break for dinner at 5:30, concert at St. Mary’s Church!

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