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July 3 Itinerary (Monday)

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the UK!

I (Rachel!) will post an update just like this every morning on the trip. If something changes, I’ll change it HERE and send a WhatsApp telling you to check the daily itinerary for changes so that your email doesn’t get bulked up with random two-line updates that you have to track. Everything you need for the day is here. If you are a planner, you can still look ahead to all the other days via the Itinerary Page! This will be the most specific, up to date, day-to-day information.

Here’s the specifics of what today, MONDAY JULY 3 looks like.

  • Meet Rachel and Jay at the airport. Aiming for 10:30 at the Slipstream Sculpture in Terminal 2. If you are lost, call me! Text me! WhatsApp me! 1-201-919-0759. We’ll then take the bus to Streatley.
  • In Streatley, we will unload everyone at The Swan Hotel, at which point we will divide for lunch and drop bags. Check the room assignment list for where you are staying! Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate between the different locations.
    • People staying at the Swan will get their bag off the bus, drop their bag temporarily in Jay or Sarah’s room, and follow staff to The Miller for lunch.
    • People staying at the Youth Hostel (YHA) will get their bag, follow staff to the youth hostel, drop bags in your specific rooms, and then follow staff to The Bull for lunch.
  • After lunch, we will ALL go to rehearsal at St. Mary’s Church around 2:00 pm, which is directly across the street from the Swan Hotel.
  • We’ll rehearse until around 4:30-5, depending on when we started. Swan Hotel people will then officially get checked into their rooms, and then we’ll set you all free for the evening to get yourself dinner either in town, across the footbridge in Goring, where there is also a grocery store (you have a lovely kitchen, YHA people!), or a short train ride away into Reading.

That’s it! Preview of tomorrow, TUESDAY JULY 4 (cue fireworks): Rehearsal, group lunch, rehearsal, dinner on your own.

As always, reach out with questions or concerns! –Rachel 1-201-919-0759

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