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July 10 Itinerary & News (Monday)

Hello hello! This is just a recap of what I already sent in the WhatsApp, with some additional information for people who are changing housing on Monday.

HOUSING INFO: A number of people are moving from Imperial to the AirBnbs or a different hotel tomorrow. All of that information is here on the google form for you. Check-out at the Imperial is 11 am- I am trusting that you can be in charge of your own check-out and that you’re coordinating with the people you’re staying with next about getting moved into that space. If you need help with any of those movements, please please let me know! If you’re confused about where you’re supposed to be sleeping on Tuesday night, please also ask, but check the Google form first as it’s all there.


  • 11h00: anyone checking out of the Imperial has done so and is getting into their new space (if you are getting into the Red Lion hotel and your room isn’t ready yet, I am sure that we can store your luggage for a few hours!) I’ll be checking in with those folks by noon to make sure everything is all set.
  • 13h00: TBD Britten solo audition coachings- this info will come from Dr. Head!
  • 14h00 FULL CHOIR rehearsal at St. Leonard’s Church
  • 15h30 Walk en masse to the train!!!
  • Eat dinner all together, take the train home, arrive back in Hythe and walk home to our respective residences before going to Canterbury Cathedral on Tuesday!

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