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Hello all! The staff has officially landed at Streatley, where we will spend our first couple of days of the trip! The town is SO CUTE! See some attached pictures at the end πŸ™‚ Rachel and I visited the hostel this afternoon, and here is some pertinent information for individuals staying in the Youth Hostel in Streatley:

  • There is only one room key per room. Note that you don’t have to lock your room door since the entire hostel is in our possession, however, if you would like that extra security, make sure you communicate with your roommates about who is holding the key and when people are returning to their room after the day is done. Be a good human and don’t lock anyone out!
  • The front door can be locked, and is password protected with a four digit code: 1267. After everyone is moved into their rooms, I will take it out of free entry mode and keep it locked for the duration of the trip for extra security. SO, DON’T FORGET THE CODE, OR ELSE YOU WILL GET LOCKED OUT OF THE BUILDING!
  • I was given very specific directions about the smoke alarms and how they are INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE. Hot showers, cooking in the kitchen, or any other steam and/or smoke-related activities can set it off. PLEASE be careful and cautious! Open the window if you use the kitchen, keep it light on the water temperature, and if you’re doing anything else I shouldn’t know about related to smoke — take it outside! I don’t want to have to deal with shutting the alarm off πŸ™‚
  • There are several communal showers and bathroom stalls for you to use. Note again that towels and toiletries are not supplied here!
  • There is a lounge, kitchen area, and dining area for us to use! Since breakfast is not provided for us at the Hostel, if you want food in the morning, you can buy some food at the local grocery stores and eat before rehearsal! (Note that food is provided for all of us at The Swan before rehearsal, but it is not a full continental breakfast. There will be light food such as pastries, granola, yogurt, and fruit!)
  • Remember again that you will have to hike up the driveway to the hostel! It’s not too bad, but I know that after being on a plane and hauling luggage, it won’t be ideal. BUT, I will be there to get you all checked in and settled and can help as necessary!

That is all, folks! I hope as you all are boarding (or landing, if you see this after the fact), that you have the safest of travels and enjoy the journey. Streatley is just the sweetest little place, and we are all so thrilled to welcome you all here. Be safe and stay well! <3

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