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!! IMPORTANT !! Group chat!!!

Hi everyone!

I just made a WhatsApp group chat that will be used for important official communications while we are on the ground in the UK. We need EVERYONE to be in this group!

Please make sure you have the WhatsApp app downloaded and that you have joined the group BEFORE we depart for the UK. You can join the group by using THIS LINK, or by scanning the QR code below:

3 thoughts on “!! IMPORTANT !! Group chat!!!”

  1. Hi friends! What a great idea! I am not planning to have a phone or whatsapp while in the UK (I have a light phone and it won’t work there, plus it doesn’t allow for whatsapp to be downloaded). Someone willing to help me stay in the loop when there are messages sent via whatsapp?

  2. Hey Esther,

    If you’re bringing any other kind of computing device, even a laptop, there are apps for those devices as well. There will be a daily blast sent out by email through the website blog, but the Whatsapp messages will not meeting points, itinerary changes, and other last minute contingencies. (Pretty important on this trip given all the moving part.) πŸ™‚


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