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Homeless Singers, Rep List, & Links to Scores

Here we go, friends! Next weekend we finally get to hear what this choir sounds like. But before that happens, we still need to take care of a bit of housekeeping.

FIRST… we had LOTS of responses from people who NEED a place to sleep, but not so many from people who can GIVE people a place to sleep. (And we need some airport shuttlers as well. If there’s any way you can help with any of this, please click through below and complete the form.)



The full rep list (as we know it to date) is complete, with YouTube clips of each piece followed by a link to a downloadable score. If you’re using an e-reader device, you may wish to go directly to the REPERTOIRE GOOGLE FOLDER and download everything at one time to your device. Alternatively, you can go to the REPERTOIRE PAGE where you will find a link to each score underneath the corresponding YouTube link.

Please note that the following scores were either from CPDL, or NOT available in printed octavo form in time to have them for rehearsal, so you’ll need to download and print the following pieces:

  • Heinrich Schütz: Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes
  • Cyrillus Kreek: Õnnis on inineme
  • Reena Esmail: Tuttarana
  • Jake Runestad: Let My Love be Heard

Otherwise, if you requested hard copies, the rest will be bundled and waiting for you at the first rehearsal on Friday night.

I suspect there’ll be several more updates over the course of the next week, as well as daily detailed rehearsal schedules published over the course of the weekend. If you missed the last post about the rehearsal schedule, you can find that here.

See you all soon.


2 thoughts on “Homeless Singers, Rep List, & Links to Scores”

  1. Thanks for all of this! Team, I will print a few extra scores for those who don’t have a printer or forget their scores. If you want me to intentionally print a set of the 4 “print from home” copies for you, please just email me – I have a laser printer so it’s quick and easy :)! Thanks!

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