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Hey Chorale, fill out the Uniform Form AND CashNet Link!!!!!

Howdy Chorale,

Before Monday’s rehearsal, I had 12 responses to the uniform form. As of Wednesday around noon, I now only have 14 responses!

To the other 30 members, a friendly reminder that this form is REQUIRED for ALL members of Chorale to fill out, and the deadline to fill this out AND submit your orders for your attire is due THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST. If you don’t fill out the form by then, we simply won’t be able to order the materials for you in time for Chorale Tour, which is less than a month away! So, the sooner you can get that in, the sooner we can make the order, and the sooner you get your attire!

HERE’S THE FUNCTIONING ACTIVE LINK to the CashNet website to make your payments!

Again, both the UNIFORM FORM and your PAYMENT is due by SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST, so please get that completed ASAP!

See you all at rehearsal later this evening!

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