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Group Flight information for the UK! CHECK IN AT 5 PM JULY 2!

Calling all group-flighters! 

I hope you’re all well and having a stupendous start to your summer. As you know, or maybe you missed it, I’m heading up the group flight. I have some information to share with you. 

Our flight is leaving at 9 pm on July 2nd. United’s requires groups to check in together. It is recommended that that we arrive at the airport 3 hours before our flight time but,  

The call time to the airport is 5 PM for group check-in. According to Dr. Head, Newark Airport has been CHAOS so far this summer.

We will check in in Terminal C, Zone A on the 3rd floor.

Via Bus:

Departure Upper Level

Door One

Inside Zone A

We’re adding extra time before the 3-hour call time so that we can all be there to check in with everyone at the same time as United requires. If you are prone to being late I recommend you try and aim to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled call time. 

We’ll be using the main WhatsApp to communicate on that day. Please keep either the group chat or me updated on your location if you’re going to be late. We need to check in with everyone, at the same time. 

Thanks for giving this a read, looking forward to singing with you again soon!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me



I forgot to add all of your locator codes for everyone, here’s what you MIGHT use to check in at the airport, keep this code somewhere close on flight day. Note: there are 2 codes so most people’s will be the same.

Abraham, Austin – MZ93B8
Barton, Makynzie – MZ93B8
Boody, Ryan – MZ93B8
Castro, Gabe – MZ93B8
Denler, Emily – MZ93B8
DeShields, Leon – MZ93B8
Enoch, Dan – MZ93B8
Epting, Jeremiah – MZ93B8
Fabiano, Jenna – MZ93B8
Forney, Ross – MZ93B8
Fresolone, Owen – MZ93B8
Geckle, Lori – AB247R
Gibbons, Shaun – MZ93B8
Gomez-Colon, Nicolas -MZ93B8
Gonczi, Ben – MZ93B8
Gover, Danielle – MZ93B8
Granite, Jack – MZ93B8
Hahn, Genna – MZ93B8
Head, Carol – MZ93B8
Johnson, Lauren – MZ93B8
Kachianos, Sofia – MZ93B8
Kuchler, Tom – MZ93B8
Lambros, Jason – MZ93B8
Lipkin, Zoe – MZ93B8
Liu, Eric – JT4Q8M
Loughlin, Bri – JT4Q8M
Maggio, Andrew – JT4Q8M
Maggio, Julianne – JT4Q8M
Malcolm, Gio – JT4Q8M
Mummert, Kaitlyn – JT4Q8M
O’Farrell, Lucas – JT4Q8M
Reilly, Tricia – JT4Q8M
Romano, Kevin – JT4Q8M
Scatena, Sarah – JT4Q8M
Schwartz, Keith – JT4Q8M
Shapiro, Rachel – JT4Q8M
Waggner, Thomas – JT4Q8M
Walker, Cole – JT4Q8M
Williams, Luke – JT4Q8M
Woodring, Megan – JT4Q8M

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