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GIVE ME YOUR MUSIC! And, happy last day of classes

Hi all! I know what you’re thinking; the semester’s nearly over, what could Ben POSSIBLY want?!?! Well, I am bothering you all again as I begin the gargantuan task of getting all of this music filed away!

I can’t do that completely, however, until I have EVERYONE’s music; I still do not have ANY music from:

I will be in the music library nearly all day today getting all of this organized, so please stop by any time you like to get your music to me!

Additionally, I appear to be missing the following pieces from the following people:
Will – Seek Him
Noah Farnsworth – Infinity (arnesen)
Liam – Seek Him, Gloria

I will be in the Choral library like…….. all day!! So please stop by at your leisure to return these things to me. Also, If you don’t have your Credo or Transcendence V2, stop by to grab that from me too!

Much love! For real, thank you so very much for providing your vulnerability and your welcoming arms to me this semester. I am forever indebted to you. I look forward to growing even more with you.

Email me at if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you need to set up a separate time to return your music to me! You must return it before you leave for break! We’ll make it work.

Thank you kindly! .25 5evr

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