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GeoBlue Medical Insurance

University of Delaware provides GeoBlue medical insurance for travel through Global Studies, including UD-affiliated groups like ours. Friends of UD (non student/staff) should consider purchasing private travel medical insurance through Insubuy or another company. Please follow the instructions below to register before departing for New Zealand. This really only takes a few seconds to do and could be super important!


Register by clicking on the button below and enter the following group access code:


Once you are registered, you will have international medical coverage for the UD approved itinerary. If you plan to extend your trip either before or after, you will need to contact GeoBlue on your own to arrange for additional coverage.


This is the travel medical insurance that Dr. Head uses regularly. There are lots of plans to choose from, and it is very inexpensive to buy coverage. This is not necessary if you are a UD student or staff member and have registered through GeoBlue. However, if you are not a UD student or staff, please consider buying an insurance package by clicking through the quote link below.